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> Mixing up Melee, adding new combat actions
post Sep 3 2007, 03:09 PM
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In the spirit of the recently posted, and very excellent, martial-arts thread, I'd like to get a little discussion going on about some additional melee maneuvers I could be adding to my game.

A little background info so everything makes a bit more contextual sense:
I'm trying to flesh out melee combat because I've been adapting SR4 to my homebrew fantasy campaign, meaning, melee combat will be a lot more common than in primarily firearm-combat oriented standard SR4.

That said, I've been working on adding a few new maneuvers to characters with a respectable melee skill, but to be truthful, I'm not much of a numbers and systems person, hence why I turn to you again, Dumpshockers. I would like to make these available as different 'modes" of melee combat available to characters with the appropriate melee combat skill, not as "purchase-able maneuvers".

Wielding a one-handed melee weapon in 2 hands
Brought up by a prospective player, he was wondering if there would be any modifications if he were to wield say, a long sword, a weapon typically used with one hand, in both hands. Given some thought, I thought that perhaps this situation could be best represented by adding +1 (or maybe +2) to a weapon's DV while subtracting 1 from the weapon's reach (representing a somewhat more narrow range of motion, but greater applied force). This would not have effect on weapons that naturally require the use of two hands and weapons that are simply to small to use with two hands.

Wielding 2 one-handed melee weapons simultaneously (Dual-Wielding)
This, I believe has been covered a few times already on Dumpshock. The mechanic suggested was granting the dual-wielding character +1 reach, due to the complications of effectively employing two weapons (more or less using the second weapon to keep your opponent at bay/on guard).

Attacking an opponent's weapon/held object
In the case that you would like to smash what your opponent is holding, rather than simply disarming them (haven't thought of a practical reason for this yet, but players keep asking about it). I was thinking of using the mechanic for knocking an object out of an opponent's grasp (-4 DP) but instead of standard damage rules, using the object armor and structure ratings covered under the "Barriers" section.

This one I'm pretty hazy on, suggestions have ranged from inability to defend or parry (as per surprise) or simply giving the superior position modifier.
I'm leaning towards making this a free-action that results in a standard Con test (fooling the opponent by juking, pretending to make a strike, etc.) that would give the superior position modifier, but I'm open to suggestion.
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post Sep 3 2007, 04:41 PM
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I'm pretty lukewarm on these ideas.

1 handed weapons used with both hands.
Generally speaking, I don't see how using a weapon designed for one hand is going to be so much better when used with two hands that its damage potential would be considerably increased. I think you could make an argument for long blades, since many of them were designed to be used with whatever grip the user felt was appropriate for the situation, but I think there'd have to be a definite limitation to prevent people from using a knife with two hands without hefty penalties (honestly, it just doesn't happen unless you're finishing off someone who is already down and out or something).

I would think feinting would simply be something that is a normal part of the ebb and flow of combat rather than any specific maneuver, and even if it isn't, I dislike the idea of linking it to charisma and a social skill. Misdirection is a primary goal in just about any martial art, be it a product of footwork, quick jabs or clever weapon handling; in this case a high degree of proficiency should outweigh being charismatic. If we have to go beyond the appropriate combat skill, then I would much rather see Palming get used, since it covers acts of legerdemain and is linked to agility.

Attacking held objects.
Unlikely to come up (and probably stupid to try), but it's cinematic as hell so I suppose it's a decent rule to have in there. Your suggested way of handling it sounds as good as any.

Dual Wielding.
Sounds fairly reasonable. I'm leery of giving any greater bonuses than the minor reach modifier; Escrima, Renaissance fencers and various other arts have shown that a second weapon can be effective for limiting your opponent but that doesn't necessarily mean dual wielding should be a better option than carrying around a quality shield, a tactic that has been effectively adopted across the globe.
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post Sep 3 2007, 06:14 PM
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I agree, the previous editions made dual welding too munchkiny for my taste. I could see just making it a specialization. Dual wield and you have 2 dice (thus modeling the benefits of the 2nd weapon or shield) and it costs you BP or Karma to aquire.
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