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> Shadowrunning in Denver, A short run description
post Oct 25 2007, 03:48 PM
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Moving Target

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Sorry, not sure if this is the right place. It's a description of a short run we just completed. 3rd Edition rules. We play on Wednesday night and I try to write up a quick description of what went down.

It's somewhat written from the point of view of Duc, a Street Sam.

After returning to Denver, we're contacted by Sparky. "Got a job for you, interested?"

As a group we head over to Sparky's doss. A run down looking place with stim patches strewn about.

We're going to be assisting another team. They're looking for us to complete two tasks and we'll get 30,000:nuyen: each up front if we want to accept the job.

1. Blow up or otherwise incapacitate the main switching station (5 story building, 6 Knight Errant guards; two shifted out at a time).
2. Cause a diversion in the center of town; disrupt traffic basically.

It needs to be done in 5 days.

In the mean time, one of the security guards from the Seattle "venture" has arrived in Denver looking for us. He got separated from the other guard during the assault and don't know what happened. When asked about the assault, he just says "I wasn't in Oregon, I _wasn't_ in Oregon!" and clams up.

So we decide to investigate the grounds and we find:

1. It's not hardened; it's just your basic 5 story building with a few guards.
2. There are two ramps going down that would fit 3 semi's for deliveries.
3. There's an anti-aircraft battery on the roof.

In the mean time, Master Chief, Timmy, and Hood go see Spider, the Arms Dealer and pick up some explosives and order some better armor.

We decide that two of the group (Duc and Wyatt (the former security guard)) who are the most stealthy and Grim who can change shape will assault the building and attempt to destroy the mainframe. Once that's done, the rest of the team will extract us in the confusion.

On the day of the assault, Timmy makes a few attempts and finally casts invisibility on me so the guards can't see me and Sparky casts invisibility on Wyatt; same reason. Grim shape changes into a Lemur and climbs into Wyatt's backpack and we head on in.

We sneak up to the loading doc doors (which are the swinging plastic type) and try to slip in. One of the guards is in the security booth and the other is on a bench taking a break. On the inside, we are confronted with a set of double-steel doors. There's a security scanner to the right. Grim has Wyatt head back and he Mind Controls the guard and walks him back in. He has several scanner cards around his neck, one of which says D_____ ____R and we deduce it's the Docking Door key and try it; successfully.

We're in!

The security guard is queried by one of the other guards as to what he's up to. He (Grim) says he's heading to the can to take a whiz. We walk by a set of large windows and can see a 3 story mainframe busily humming away.

Ahh, the target.

First we head over to the stairs but they have the "Emergency Use Only. Alarm Will Sound" writing on the bar so we decide to head for the elevator. We hit the button for the 3rd floor.


The elevator door opens on the third floor.

*crackle* "I'm going to trot up the right passageway," says Wyatt.

*crackle* "Ok, I'll head up the left and meet you at the other end," says Duc.

A short trot up the hallway has us discover a security door at the other end of the building. After a short minute, the guard that Grim's controlling arrives.

"Hey, my hands are full. Open the door," the guard says into the mic.

A minute of clanking and whooshing and the door unseals. On the other side you hear the fast rattle of a chair quickly rolling across a computer room raised floor. When the door opens, I can see one guard sitting in the chair and a second guard in front of a blank monitor, jacked in. There are 16 monitor in two rows of eight on either side of the room with various scenes from around the building. There's a joystick and a small keypad in front of each monitor to let the guards pan a camera and select different cameras to view. There are no other lights or buttons.

Grim, after a few seconds mind controls the second guard after jumping out of the backpack. We go into the security room and shut the door behind us. I walk over to the guard that's jacked in and violently remove the jack. After a short seizure, his eyes roll up into the back of his head and he slumps down in his chair.

Wyatt attaches White Spot's commlink(?) to the jackpoint and she begins her work. I check out the monitors and see the last two guards.

*crackle* "One of the guards is on the 4th floor and the other is coming out of the 1st floor can," Duc observes. "I'll head downstairs and take care of the guard on the first floor."

Wyatt smashes one of the guards and then the second.

*crackle* "Comm system is ours," White Spot chimes in.

*crackle* "Grim, keep an eye on the monitors and let us know if the guards change floors."

*crackle* "Wait! I'm blind. I can assense that there's a monitor there but I can't see what's _on_ the monitor," Grim says.

*crackle* "Oh yea. Ok, we'll do the best we can."

*crackle* "I can see the first guard," Duc advises. "I'm ready to take him out when you are. Just give me the word."

*crackle* "Ok, I'm at the guard on the 4th floor," Wyatt says.

*crackle* "Ok, I'm ready to take out the guard in the booth," Master Chief says.

*crackle* Grim counts down, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

Master Chief smashes down on the guards head. "Crap, I always do that," as the guard falls unconscious. Wyatt fires his custom rifle and tears great chunks of flesh from the guard on the 4th floor. Duc fires his dual smartlinked pistols into the 1st floor guards back, separating his ribs from his backbone.

*crackle* "Cleanup on aisle 1," Duc quips. "Ok Master Chief, it's all yours. Grim and Wyatt, time to bail and let Master Chief do his work."

*crackle* White Spots breaks in, "Incoming HRT in 5 minutes, I failed to stop the alert. There's a fragging security loop. Let's go!"

Wyatt, who just arrived back at the security booth with Grim, shoots up the monitors in the room. Grim grabs White Spot's black box and Wyatt and hot foot it out of the building. Duc takes up a position at a safe distance and prepares to record the carnage.

Master Chief heads down into the basement level and begins to set the charges. With a 5 minute window, he's only able to set about half the charges he wanted to set and with 90 seconds remaining, he heads out of the building.

As the team prepares to leave, Sparky comes over the commlink. "We're being offered another 75,000:nuyen: each to take out the HRT. What do you think?"

"Sure." "Nope, I have enough credits right now." "Sorry, I'm not set up for long range combat." "I'm willing." "Up to the rest of the team."

"Ok sounds like a general no. Wyatt and I will head over to do the other half of the mission. The rest of you guys take off before the HRT arrives."

The team scrambles to get in their vehicles and take off. Thirty seconds later...


The building, with only half of the charges set, leans drunkenly to the right and starts to fall. Part way down, the boiler (which has its own charge) explodes and shoots off into the air. The size of the explosion is such that debris is raining down on the surrounding neighborhood in a 2 click radius.

As a helicopter appears in the distance, Duc shuts down the recording of the carnage and stealthily disappears from the area. The helicopter circles the area five times and then heads off.

Later the boiler is found several kilometers away. In a week or two, the cleanup team will discover that this was more than just an unfortunate accident.

Over by Wadsworth, a massive traffic jam is slowing down the morning commuters.

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post Oct 25 2007, 05:47 PM
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