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> new Technomancer consept, magic technomancer
post Mar 28 2010, 09:47 PM
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I decided to try write few ideas that i have for technomancer down to just share idea and practice my english and writing ( and my horrible typing skills).

Idea: Technomancers use same Magic and power score like mystic adepts.
..But there are no Mage/mystic adept/adept quality for technomancers, just technomancer quality.

I see Tm represents itself as person who has brain "advanced" that i can handle matrix connection different way than mundane people (mystic) , also TM's body has started to adapt wireless world and technology (adept). This is reason why i think that mystic adept concept is best method to handle TM rules.

Examples from what i have in mind..

Adept concept (magic 1/5) essence (6)
Adept newer learned summoning sprites or threading programs from thin air but he has ability or two on his own. When you see him walking on street he just seems to be aware and he allways know where he is.

In game Adept has multiple powers. His all senses are linked to his brain which run programs like computer. He has Facial and gait recognition programs running in backround all time, trying to find targets. And his biological commlink knows interpret gps signals too..

"Mage" concept (magic/power 4/0), essence (5)
Mage had all ready cyberware dni is head when he emerged, one day he just noticed that when he edited pictures they were so much better than everyone else in office and you couldn't say which one was real and which one was fake.

Rule wise: Mage uses implanted cyberware DNI and normal commlink to use normal Edit program which he boosts with Threading. When he started to emerge he was allready working daily using his implanted dni so his body newer had no reason to develop ability to enter matrix without cyberware (or that part was damaged before he became TM). But he cant use any his resonance abilities without proper cyberware.

Mystic adept concept (magic/power 3/3)
adept + mage concept...

Rule ideas:
Resonance does not limit living persona. ( newer liked idea that every TM is pretty much same on lower resonance levels).
Adepts side would be powers that replicates cyberware and programs.

Powers could include hotsim, dni, commlink (still no permanent memory) , ar display, image link, sound link and ar gloves. Something that gives TM ability access matrix or enhances cells, like biomonitor is ok, but no dermal sheets(mystic armour) or bone lacing powers. problem is where to limit idea that TM's body evolves and adapt to new world...
Also complex forms would be powers (programs that run in TM's head).
Power point cost for abilities would be same as basic cyberware costs.
New complex form power should not be limited to resonance, or there is no way that low resonance TM (<5) can compete against normal hacker

"Magic" side would be used thing like Threading programs (spells), compiling sprites (summoning) etc..
What i think how Threading works is like TM uses "spells" to boost his CFs or he could just run normal programs which he boosts or use only threaded "spells" to do his works.

What this concept does fix ( or not )
Every TM could mix cyber/bioware with his own abilities...

Moving complex forms(programs) to powers and threading to use different stat (magic) it should be that easy to create uber TM, which can run exploits/stealth etc in 16 dice.
Pure Magic approach would be like normal program 6 + skill (Hacking?) + (threading +magic) hits. little better than mundane hacker, but not that good as RAW TM is and this all kind resources are needed unlike in RAW TM which needs only karma.
Mystic adepts it would be like complex form+skill + (threading +magic) hits. Where mystic adept had to use power points to get complex form and karma to get magic score.

I don't see why every TM should have both magic and power abilities, but probably resonance "Mage" like normal mage has too much power. Maybe essence lost could create pure Mage or adept types.

any comments? if someone wants to steal idea, please steal it.I just don't have skills to write it well...
(i cant even write in my native language. Funny thought, i can easily write code in several computer languages, and code flows and is easy to read unlike these human languages )
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post Mar 29 2010, 12:52 AM
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Moving Target

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All I can understand from this post is that you intend to make some sort of Technomancer/Mystic Adept concept.

I don't think this would be a good idea. I think it would lead to much headache and little use except to game breaking builds and concepts.
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post Mar 29 2010, 01:16 AM
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While I was able to make my way through your post, OP (almost 20 years of playing MUSHes has given me a bit of experience reading online entries by folks with native languages other than english), I would like to point out that the rule that limits a technomancer's living persona attributes by their resonance is a very good rule. It's the same as limiting how many hits a magician can count on a spell based on its force, which is limited in turn by their magic attribute.

Taking away that limit would be the same as saying that it's alright for a magician character with magic 1 to cast a force 2 combat spell and count every single hit they get on the magic + spellcasting roll instead of only the first two. Now I've seen players with magic 1 and spellcasting 6 roll more than 5 or more hits, especially when they use edge. Now that's a damage value of 7 physical for, say, a firebolt, and a drain value that almost any awakened character can shrug off.

It would be the same if you removed the resonance limit from living persona and complex forms.

Now I'm not going to discourage anyone from finding a way to blend magic and resonance within their own campaigns. The one I'm playing in right now does, and while there have been bad moments in a couple of sessions, some sit down time with the GM to figure out what went wrong and fix it has kept things smooth. I've even used in my character's background that her initial Emergence and even her partial Awakening a few years later were heavily influenced by the fact that she had particular cyberware implanted in her history. However, I do not think that taking this kind of background story element and using it to create alternate game mechanics crossing heavy lines between magic, resonance, and augmentations would be anything but a poor idea.

If you want to run a game where a person uses their connection with the mystical in order to manipulate internal augmentations or the digital world directly, then Shadowrun might not be a good system to use. I can't think of a better one off the top of my head, however.

Sorry if this isn't much help, but it's what passed my mind after reading your post.
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