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> Let's make the Commando Team!, Captain Commando - 1991
post Nov 19 2010, 08:33 PM
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So, we're a few years late here (Captain Commando is set in 2026), but I still think we can make these guys.

From the Wikipedia Page:


Captain Commando (キャプテンコマンドー?) - The hero of this game and leader of the "Commando Team." Besides his natural gifts of a powerful mind and strong body, he also uses his "Energy Gloves," capable of shooting mighty bolts of fire and electricity. His sure-killing technique is the "Captain Corridor". Striking the ground with his Energy Gloves cause an electric shock which kills everyone around him. Captain Commando's dash attacks are "Captain Cannon" (also known as "Captain Fire") and "Captain Kick." Captain Cannon torches the enemy with a blast of flame. Captain Kick can hit several enemies at once, whether on the ground or in the air. Captain Commando also can grab his opponent and kick their stomach or throw their whole body. Other things he uses are the "Captain Goggles", the "Captain Protector", the "Captain Gaunlet" and the "Captain Boots". His Captain Goggles can help him identify a criminal's face at a distance of 2 km, by comparing with data base. His Captain Protector is made of super-tough material called "Captanium", which makes it stand up to trillion degree heat. His Captain Gaunlet multiplies Captain's power 48 times, making it easy for him to smash a thick iron plate. And his Captain Boots can make it possible for him to take a 100-meter fall with no injuries to himself nor with any damage to the boots.

Mack the Knife (ジェネティー?, Jennety in the Japanese version) - The Mummy Commando, a mummy-like alien from outer space. As weapons he uses sub-sonic knives which melt any enemy he hits. His sure-killing technique is the "Spinning Attack." Spinning round like a top, his bandages lash his enemies like whips. Mack's dash attacks are "Double Trouble" and "Sky Assault." Double Trouble sticks his enemy with both knives and Sky Assault is an airborne version of Double Trouble. Mack also can grab his enemy and either stick or throw them. Other things he has are the "Captain Cap", the "Genetic Bandage", the "Genetic Knife" and the "Gravity Controllers." His Captain Cap is his hat, which is a souvenir from the first meeting with Captain Commando. His Genetic Bandage is his life-sustaining equipment for survival on Earth. His Genetic Knife melts all matter. And his Gravity Controllers are his pair of shoes that adjust the gravitational pull to where it's best for the battles.

Ginzu the Ninja (翔?, Sho in the Japanese version) - The Ninja Commando, a highly trained ninja and successor to Bushin-ryu Ninpo, a fighting style of Ninjutsu that was also inherited by Guy (from Final Fight). His razor-sharp sword is capable of cutting an opponent in two. His sure-killing technique is his "Smoke Bomb." After creating a smoke screen around his body, the smoke explodes, killing his enemies that are adjacent. Ginzu's dash attacks are "Iaizuki" and "Flying Katana." Iaizuki pierces several enemies at once. Flying Katana cuts the enemies from above while jumping. Ginzu can grab his opponents and either kick their stomach or do a shoulder throw or overhead throw. Other things he is equipped with are his "Ninja Eyes", his "Servant Sword" and his "Ninja Suit". His Ninja Eye can support him in picking out enemies 500 meters ahead in pitch dark. His Servant Sword serves no one nor nothing but him. Named "Lightning Light," it cuts things at atomic levels. And his "Ninja Suit" is tougher than iron and softer than silk.

Baby Head (フーバー?, Hoover in the Japanese version) - The Baby Commando, a super genius infant who fights using a robot of his own design. His robot is both strong and quick. His sure-killing technique is his "Knee Rocket" which launches a missile from the robot's knee. Missiles are constantly manufactured within the robot. Baby Head's dash attacks are "Rolling Punch" and "Elbow Smash." Rolling Punch is a strong punch that spins like a drill. Elbow Smash crushes the enemy under an elbow blow coming off a jump. Baby Head can grab his enemies and do either a knee kick, a "Pile-driver" or a "Fling-away." Other features he uses are the "Talking Machine", the "Stable Cradle", the "Silverfist Vehicle", the "Missile Launcher" and the "Jet Hover." His Talking Machine resembles a baby pacifier. It allows him to speak the 3 million languages of the cosmo. The Stable Cradle keeps the robot from rocking, no matter how far it's tilted. The Silverfist Vehicle has 12,000 horsepower, 582 kilograms (1280.4 pounds) of bodyweight, and it mounts fuzzy-logic control. Baby Head's friends call it "Baby Carriage." The Missile Launcher is a missile production facility built inside the leg, as well as in the Silvervest Vehicle. And the Jet Hover is used for high-speed position shifting.

Sweet, right? I played this game on the PS2's Capcom Classiscs Collection Volume 2 (what can I say, it had Super Turbo, and who turns down a game of Super Turbo?). I was thinking about knife fighting styles in SR and why I haven't encountered anyone playing an African-American outside of a vodun (I haven't encountered many characters at all, to be fair). For some reason I was reminded of Mack the Knife, and came across the surprisingly extensive Wiki page.

Making the gear should be fun, as well as Baby Carriage, although I don't think we can make a drone that is constantly manufacturing missiles within itself; that would be pretty broken, and you can only stretch the special equipment modification so far.
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