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> Running a Submergence, feedback wanted, biofilters on standby
post Feb 13 2011, 05:54 AM
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Hello everyone, i have recently (as in today) been asked to run a fellow player's submergence for his Techno. The session is tomorrow, and since our GM can't make it and since we only have one techno, I'm running this session 1 on 1. This will be my first time running Shadow Run, but I don't need advice on that. I'm asking if the following plot line sounds anything like Submergence as it's presented in the core materials. Our Technomacer's name is Artemis. She's a young Sioux woman, single mom, and a Wild Technomancer. She's a Dronemancer in practice if not in name, because Wild Techno's can't choose a resonance stream.

What follows is a long set of notes I sent to my GM for approval. Thanks for any feed back.

This session will introduce a number of new things to Artemis, and will bring her into contact with technocritters, proto-sapients, other Technomancers, and of course, sprites. To start, Artemis is enjoying a simple flight in her repeater drone, feeling the wind rush over her jumped in body. She scans the nearby nodes and discovers a chase in progress- 2 ARM agents (hackers working for the corporate council, serious stuff) chasing down an icon (hacker, program?) thatís ripping its way through Seattleís nodes. As Artemis sweeps in to investigate, she enters the node where the ARM agents have pinned a proto-sapient AI, a program that has come alive on itís own with animal intelligence. Iíll be using the Heavyweight data-vore, pg 200 Running Wild.

As the ARM agents go in for the kill, all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. A hole opens up in the node, and the AI begins to de-rez, sucked into a swirling vortex. This is called a resonance well, as detailed in Unwired, pg.174. A little Deus ex machina, and Artemis is sucked into the resonance realms. Here things go a little crazy.

The resonance realms can appear as anything, and Iím going for a teepee village, something right out of Artemisís Sioux heritage. The village is populated with hungry and ill sprites, women and children, who explain that the hunters have all gone off chasing prey. The village sprites offer a deal, Theyíll help Artemis get home if she can bring back food for the tribe.

Not sure how to work this next part, but basically a combat between Artemis and the proto-sapient AI from earlier. 2 options, I can run it as a cybercombat (which the character is not optimized for) or I can do something with animal masks to simulate a drone combat. This might look in game like a Sprite offering Artemis a cougar mask, and Artemis putting it on to realize she's jumped into a steel lynx of sorts. Artemis will encounter an annoying Crow along her journey, which turns out to be helpful scaring off some predators.

GM INPUT NEEDED- After defeating the proto-sapient, it is revealed to be a Corporate Data File come to life. I need you to decide which Corp and whatís in the file, but once Artemis brings the program back to the sprite village, they ďfeedĒ on it, spreading the info out into the Matrix. So, it will get back to somebody important that a techno killed their data file, and shared it with the world.

In the wrap up, the sprites lead Artemis to another part of the resonance realms, to a Technomancer named Sparrow. He can do the info dump and tell her whatís going on if sheís confused (aka I missed some explanation to the player). Sparrow is a member of Kivanet, an organization of technomancers detailed in Unwired, pg. 144. He helps her get back home. Waking up in her apartment, she notices a Crow sitting on her windowsill, watching over her body. (it's a Rook, pg. 192 Running Wild).

And thatís about it. Just need to work in the player's chosen Echo into the plot, and done. Sound Good?
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post Feb 13 2011, 11:02 AM
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Moving Target

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Damn, I want to play in your campaing...
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post Feb 13 2011, 02:04 PM
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It's Submersion, not Submergence.
Also, I thought that only "active" programs - like expert systems, IC or Pilots, - can become AIs.
Otherwise sweet, yeah.
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