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> Plotting out theCombat Mage, who happened to be a biker babe
post Aug 23 2003, 03:28 AM
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Moving Target

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OK, bear with me here. I'm in the midst of planning out a Dragonslayer shaman who happens to be a biker - in this case, she used to go around North America on her Aurora as a troubleshooter for people who needed things done but couldn't find anyone who cared. Originally from the CAS, Sexbomb's high on stats, relatively low on skills, but built as something as a barroom brawler and someone who could kick the crap out a biker gang but would have some problems against real pros. So far, all I have are numbers:

Attributes (B):
Body: 4
Quickness: 4
Strength: 4
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 6
Essence: 5
Magic: 5

Active Skills (D):
Bike: 4
Conjuring: 5
Cyber-Implant Weaponry (Hand Razors): 3 (5)
Etiquette (Street): 3 (5)
Intimidation (Mental): 2 (4)
Sorcery: 6
Submachine Gun: 4

Knowledge Skills (20):
Cooking: 2
Gang Identification: 3
Magical Theory: 4
Magical Threats: 3
Rockabilly Punk Bands: 2
Shadowrunner Haunts: 3
Swords & Sorcery Literature: 3
English: 4
English R/W: 2
Atzlaner: 2 (why someone from the CAS would want to know Aztlaner, I don't know, but I don't know of many other languages that'd be spoken in the CAS)
Atzlaner R/W: 1

Cyberware (46,500•):
Retinal Mod [flare compensation]
Smartlink (a)
Improved Retractable Hand Razors [dikote] (2)

Gear (40,360•):

Shock Gloves
SCK Model 100 SMG [sling, smartlink, sound suppresser, underbarrel flashlight] 4 spare clips, 90 rounds EX explosive, 60 rounds regular ammunition
Ordinary Clothing (4)
Lined Coat (4/2)
Form-Fitting Body Armor: Shirt (2/0)
Optical Binoculars [low-light]
Pocket Flashlight
Ration Bars (30 daysí worth)
Survival Kit
Medkit w/supplies
Bonded Sustaining Foci: Increase Reflexes +3 [Force 1], a gold earring
Shamanic Lodge Materials [Force 5]
Manipulation Fetish
Suzuki Aurora Racing Bike

Her equipment leans somewhat on the "biker who only owns what she can pack on the bike" kind of character, I hope, though I've still got to explain where her cyberware came from (having never used dual dikoted hand razors before, I'm somewhat antsy to try them out). Her spell list is short but simple:

Fireball: 4 (F)
Heal: 4 (E)
Healthy Glow: 2 (E)
Increase Reflexes +3: 1 (BSF)
Mana Bolt: 4
Manaball: 5
Powerball: 5
Stun Bolt: 4

Now here's where I'm a bit confused. As a shaman, she gets bonus dice to certain spells and spirits. Are these dice applied equally to casting and drain resistance tests or are they distributed at the player's whim? For example, if Sexbomb gets 3 bonus dice to combat spells, does that mean she gets to roll an extra three dice for the casting AND to resist drain or casting only or can she go an extra die to cast, and the other two to resist drain?

(Yeah, it's been awhile. I've gotten confused.)
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post Aug 23 2003, 03:51 AM
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Moving Target

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Think of the bonus dice as a pool that can be split among either sorcery/conjuring or drain. That's the way we've always played it.

Anyway, Dragonslayers are a blast. You get all the cheesey "knight in shining armor" stuff from D&D and a decidedly badass flavoring. My DS idolist spends a good part of his run money on sponsoring gigantic parties with a :nuyen: 10 cover fee. The parties cost him about :nuyen: 5000- :nuyen: 10000, but all the procedes go to charity (child abuse prevention and recovery, and Awakened rights, that's his metaphorical "dragon" to "slay," due to his background.) The money he spends on these parties count as money-for-karma.

But enough about me. Your story as a sort of semi-heroic "troubleshooter" kicks ass. But why would she get into it? My DS (here we go again...) fights for an end to child abuse and for Awakened rights because he was brought up in a fundamentalist home and when his parents found out he was a magic user, they preformed horrible "exorcisms" on him. Maybe your character was in a lot of situations in life where she needed help, but no one cared?

Does she ever ask for payment for the things she does? If no, what's making her change and become a proffessional "troubleshooter?"

Oh, and Aztlaner would be useful for people in the CAS for the same reason German was useful to know in WW2, and the same reason why people fluent in Parsi and Arabic are in very high demand in US intellegence and military now.
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