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> Help build my submersion mission!, Planning a submersion
post Feb 7 2012, 03:31 AM
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I've finally got enough Karma to submerse myself in the blissful, all encompassing glow of the resonance, but there's one problem: My GM (who's also my wife) doesn't know enough about the matrix to run me through any kind of submersion.

Does anyone have examples of submersions they've done in the past? Are there any pre-written things that can be adapted? Are there any Matrix HEAVY published runs? I was hoping that I might convince the board here to give her some pointers, or if someone was feeling really generous, help her with a rough framework (putting numbers on a page).

Due to the nature of this request, I'll not be checking this thread again after this. My wife'll be looking in under my name, so from here on out any response from Luna are NOT from the OP and NOT from the player (unless specifically noted i guess.) If you have a questions, PM me and I'll respond privately or publicly if I think it might help others.

Character essentials:
Name: Fading Leaf (Leafe Nuroshi)
Stream: Info Savants
Resonance 6
Heavily built at chargen towards large Hack on the Fly dice, but prefers a good slow probe when time permits.
No skill at de-compiling (blasphemy!) and actual matrix combat.

Relevant Perks: Dayjob 1, Signature, and Media Junkie.
Leafe runs a fan site dedicated to the teen trid-star, Taki Na-Fongda (Dakota Fanning.) He does everything in his power to increase her star-dom including leaving links, graffiti, or even setting up redirects to her latest trideo events whenever he finds himself in a node with spare time and excess privilege.

We've completed "On the Run!", "Ancient Pawns", and "Block War!"

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post Feb 7 2012, 04:07 AM
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Treat it like a Metaplanar Quest. Toss out the rules and do some creative roleplaying and emotional trials with the spiritscape.

Except instead of spirits on the astral its a magical world full of pop culture references, glued together by memes, and populated by beings of varying nerd grades. (some aren't even human!)
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post Feb 7 2012, 04:28 AM
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Immortal Elf

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The more obscure the Meme, the better!

Remember, most Characters have no idea where the hell "Nuke 'em from orbit, only way to be sure" even comes from, if they even still use the phrase. (Likely, after all, they have bug spirits.).
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The Jake
post Feb 7 2012, 05:00 AM
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Shooting Target

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Great Hack but something tied to the character's past sounds appropriate.

Sound advice to treat them like metaplanar quests. I am planning a few for my character and virtually all of them relate to him or his past in some way, as a way of gaining a greater understanding of himself, his history and the world (and metaplanes) around him.

- J.
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post Feb 7 2012, 03:11 PM
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Running Target

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Agreed; pull evocative imagery from anywhere and everywhere. One submersion quest my PC TM went on, I explicitly said that he was in a giant piece of clockwork--alot like the clock scene from The Great Mouse Detective, only... bigger.

alternatively, here's a concept for a Resonance realm search I was contemplating for a Networker TM:

You wake up in the old woman's hut. It's odd, because you don't remember falling asleep.

"Ah, good, you're awake," comes the old woman's voice from where she's sitting at a massive loom, surrounded by skeins and spools of yarn and thread, working the mechanisms of the loom. You stand up and walk over; the old woman's working the loom at blistering speed, the shuttlecock flying back and forth, a gorgeous pattern emerging from the threads. And, yet, you feel, it's incomplete...

And then I either send the PC on a fetch quest to find the missing threads and/or designs (data packets in this realm's metaphor), or help the old woman weave the loom (Data search or possibly artisan rolls), which, when completed, will give the PC insight into the location of what they're seeking, or possibly a combination of the two.

But, ultimately, I'm taking the metaphor of a woven pattern and running with it, so find some metaphor that fits your character's outlook and work from there.
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