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> Important questions / topics at the meet, A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Johnson...
post Jul 9 2012, 03:04 PM
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My favorite role in Shadowrun has long been the Face. And while the circumstances of the run may or may not facilitate my talking our group past an obstacle, I consider my primary job to be getting the team the most possible nuyen for the run.

With that in mind, I'm interested in compiling a... checklist? ... of sorts, of questions / topics that every pro face should bring up. I see the meet as having three stages:
  1. Before the runners have accepted.
  2. After the runners have accepted, but before they've left for the run.
  3. After they've completed the run.

So, for the first stage, the Johnson cannot reveal to me specific details of the run, in case we don't accept and he has to find someone else. My main interest is not accepting for less money than it's worth.

My favorite questions for stage 1:
  • Would you be willing to put it in Escrow? (ferrets out backstabs)
  • Does it involve wetwork? (higher price)
  • Is it against a Megacorp/Criminal syndicate, or involving a draconic entity in any way? (higher price)
  • Is there a time limit?

Negotiating points:
  • In the case that the money is per-person I have also sometimes mentioned that we have a hacker who never shows up to meets in person, thus negotiating for an extra share that we may divvy between us.

Stage 2 He can give me any information he has at the time. My main objective is to be as prepared for the run as I can, to save my team from potential pitfalls.
  • Do you have the layout / security info for the location?
  • Is the package dangerous (explosive, radioactive, violent, etc), illegal, heavy?
  • Do you have a picture of [person x]?
  • Is there anything else we should know?

Stage 3 There isn't always a 3rd stage negotiation. It occurs when a) you have to deliver something to complete the run (and thus the Johnson still has a reason to pay you more) and b) when some part of the run went not as informed. Ex. Different security, corp, package than expected.
  • We encountered X, which you say anything to us about. We think an additional x00Y would be fair.

What are your favorites, or, alternately, what has worked well for you in the past?
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Speed Wraith
post Jul 9 2012, 03:15 PM
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Moving Target

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Without addressing the bulk of your post, just the single comment about, "getting the team the most possible nuyen for the run", my buddy swears you should always spend a point of edge on the actual opposed negotiation roll. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/nyahnyah.gif)

We don't really bother with any sort of checklist. You won't look too capable trying to go through a script in front of Johnson. Expendable assets are supposed to also be flexible and able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. So try not to use a rote process. Each meet is different and every Johnson operates in different ways. You seem to have covered the critical points, just keep them in mind, and remember this: no matter how good your team is, most Johnsons operate in the business world and have to worry about the bottom line. If you won't do the job for the price offered, there are a hundred gutter-punks waiting in the wings.
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post Jul 9 2012, 03:23 PM
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QUOTE (gargaMONK @ Jul 9 2012, 11:04 AM) *
What are your favorites, or, alternately, what has worked well for you in the past?

My troll friend here isn't happy. What are you going to to keep him happy?
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post Jul 9 2012, 03:39 PM
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- The exact objective of the run: "do you want the suitcase itself or just what's inside?", "the chip or the file?"
- How to deal with the unexpected: "The more we know, the better we can adapt".
- What support can we expect from Mr. Johnson: gear, contacts, information, none?
- What information Johnson already has. It's unlikely he called runners without having done a little research about the objective.
- Should we take initiatives? Do we stick to the mission or do we search a little deeper if we see something strange?
- Is there a way to get in touch with Johnson during the run?
- Is the opposition (or the people involved) known?
- Are there things we shouldn't touch?
- Does it need to be done discretely?
- Is there a time limit?

- Is there money for the expenses? Which expenses?
- Are there any bonuses for discretion, time or bringing in extra information?
- What kind of payment will it be?
- The cases that could change the payment ("how much per unexpected dragon?")
- How much up-front?

With some of my characters, I would also sometime give my conditions, for example:
"My priorities are, in that order: protection of the client, protection of my life, doing the job and doing things the way you prefer. If by action or by omission you prevent me from doing the job properly, I'll consider this a breach of contract."
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post Jul 18 2012, 09:08 PM
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Free Spirit

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@ Stage 1 - Is the job local? (Out of town jobs usually put the runners at a disadvantage plus logistical problems.)

@ Stage 2 - I agree with finding out precisely what one needs to accomplish to get paid.
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