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> Who are your Contacts?
post Mar 2 2014, 01:10 AM
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Here are some of the contact's I've invented for the 5th ed character build's I've been toying with. There are not all from the same character, and I've left off the Loyalty because that's more about the character than the contact. I'd love to see the others.
  • D.L.: (Male Human, Connection 4) General Shadow Fixer. If you ask him, his initials Stand for "Down Low, Dirty Laundry, or Direct Link depending on your needs." Like any good Fixer, D.L. has a lot of contacts.
  • Bobbi Three-Feathers: (Female Ork, Connection 6) Bobbi is a Cascade Ork Tribal leader, and Smuggler Queen. She operates a small smuggler airfield out of the cascades and the community that supports. She and her community are a good place to find smugglers, T-Birds in particular, but also to buy and sell illicit goods, get guides for the Cascade wilderness, or find out about Salish politics.
  • Pompilidae: (Male Ork, Connection 1) Pompilidae (name taken from the family of wasps that hunt spiders) is a Technomancer, or has he calls himself, a Technoshaman. A member of the Cascade Orks tribe, he can hired for remote hacker work, or loan out registered sprites.
  • Hulkenstein: (Male Troll, Connection 2) Front-man for the Seattle Trog-Rock Band "Load/Lock," which has a cult-hit single "Keg Storm." Hulkenstein is a good troll to call if you want a flash mob of troll & orc rockers to show up on short notice, and has a few connections within orc underground, particularly among rockers and their bars & drug dealers.
  • Jimmie the Cabbie: (Male Dwarf, Connection 1) Jimmie runs a private armored cab service in the greater Seattle metroplex and specializes in going to the neighborhoods that the larger cab services won't. The service consists of just Jimmie and his old modified cab, so you can't always trust he's working, or that he doesn't already have a client. Through long experience Jimmie has learned not to ask to many questions of his customers, so while he might know a rumor or two, he's no major source of info. He does, however, have an secretly armed and armored cab complete with a few smuggling compartments for clients that need a
  • Dt. Marsit: (Female Human, Connection 3) Detective Marsit works for Knights Errant investigating organized crime in the Seattle metroplex. She's got her finger on the pulse on the organized crime in Seattle.
  • Maggie "Mags": (Female Elf, Connection 4) Originally from Tir-na-nog, Mags is one of the premier illegal arms dealers in the Seattle area. She primarily operates via a secrete Matrix Host where she displays scans of her wares, and arranges a delivery for products bought there. Her clients run from gangleaders looking to stock-up on crates of AKs for a turf war through to the local shadow community that occasionally need that special chemical payload or explosive, so she has cultivated a wide selection suppliers.
  • Zane "Val" Valentino: (Male Human, Connection 4) CEO of Valiant Rides, a company that provides (armored) town cars, limos, and even private helicopter's for hire in the Seattle area. Most of their business is transporting the wealthy around Seattle, but there are times a Shadowrunner needs to show up in style or via the air, and Val's business is happy to provide if you're willing to pay for the anonymity fee and hazard pay.
  • Lee: (Female Human, Connection 1) Lee is a professional SIN forger, with an emphasis on professional. She moves about regularly, typically setting up her very professional looking office/shop in back-alley business spaces where you wouldn't expect it.
  • Doc Lab: (Male Elf, Connection 2) Doc Lab, as in Labrador Retriever, is publicly a veterinarian that secretly runs a small scale shadow clinic out the back of his office.
  • Skinny B: (Male Human, Connection 2) Skinny B is a member of the Cutters, a Seattle gang, and often knows at least some of what's going on in the chaotic world of Seattle turf and gang wars.
  • Tommy-C: (Male Human, Connection 2) Tommy is the owner of C-Street PawnShop, and he's more than willing to sell illegal goods out of the shop, making a convient place to fence smaller goods. He's also a minor member of the Irish mob, making him occasionally useful as a source of information on organized crime.
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