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> How do Critters gain new powers?, Specifically - Infected PC's as Critters...
post Aug 13 2020, 12:35 AM
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Hi All,

I've tried searching but I'm at a loss as to HOW exactly Critters, and in this specific instance, I mean Infected PC's, gain new Powers.

I'm looking at starting a new game after a looooooooong hiatus from Shadowrun, and one of the players wants to play an infected - a Goblin, to be specific. Goblins gain one choice of a power during character generation, but they cannot take Regeneration, and he's asked me how new powers are gained or learned.

Unfortunately, my answer was, "I don't know."

I'm hoping the Dumpshock collective can come to my rescue.

Thanks in advance...
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post Aug 28 2020, 12:39 AM
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Moving Target

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Which edition? I don't remember players ever being critters, or any critter (pc or not) choosing powers. I think only Spirits have done that.
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post Aug 28 2020, 03:00 AM
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Yeah, I imagine it's the same reason why a mundane can't pick up magic or resonance after chargen
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post Aug 28 2020, 03:14 AM
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Uncle Fisty

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Since you said "Long hiatus" I'm going to go with 4th edition, because I don't recall actual rules for playing an infected in 3rd. So here's 4th as an example:

Cost: 35 BP
This quality may only be taken by dwarf characters. New
goblins rapidly purge almost all body fat and hair. They become
skeletal, skin taught over bone and wiry muscle. Goblins often
possess a sickening sweet body odor, which develops with time.
Powers: Enhanced Senses (Smell, Taste), Essence Drain, Immunity
(Fire damage), Infection, Natural Weapons (Claws: DV Str/2+1P,
AP 0), and Regeneration.
Weaknesses: Allergy (Sunlight, Mild), Dietary Requirement
(Metahuman Flesh), Essence Loss, and Vulnerability (Iron). The
character loses the Human Looking quality, if they have it. Goblins
cannot digest heavily processed foodstuffs, and suffer from nausea
(see p. 245, SR4) when they eat them.

Flat out build point buy in, no progression of powers.
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post Aug 28 2020, 08:48 AM
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5th Edition Run Faster covers this where they gave more room to play Infected and having starting powers as well as being able to buy additional powers down the road.

Specifically page 134, Run Faster

All Infected characters begin with certain critter Powers and Weaknesses; these are listed in the appropriate quality under Gained Powers and Gained Weaknesses. Most Infected characters don’t start with all the powers that are normally associated with their Infected type. Many of the qualities have a list of Optional Powers. These powers can be bought with Karma as the campaign progresses; Infected characters do not start with any of these powers. Only one Optional Power can be purchased every two in-game months. You can only buy Optional Powers that are in the list associated with your character’s Infected type. A list of these powers can be found in the Infected Optional Powers table on p. 136.

Page 136 has the Optional powers and their costs, following the restrictions above:

Armor (per point) 6 Karma

Compulsion. 9 Karma. <<<<<<<< (BARGAIN MC, but the target will know they have been compelled)

Enhanced Senses (Hearing/low Light/Smell/Taste/ Thermographic vision/Visual Acuity) 3 Karma each. bought separately and as peryour Infected type

Fear 9 Karma <<<<<<<<<<<( BOOGITY BOO! good way to divide and conquer)

Immunity (Fire/Pathogens/Toxins) 6 Karma each, bought separately and as per your Infected type (BARGAIN when you figure Immunity acts like Hardened Armor vs the damage chosen, which means damn decent resist)

Influence 9 Karma (BARGAIN as Low power Jedi mind tricks, plus the target is less likely to know they have been influenced unlike Compulsion)

Magical Guard 9 Karma (Spell Defense)

Mist Form 12 Karma. (Infiltrator wet dream, but be sure to read Run Faster for the drawbacks as you don't want to get ganked because someone sucked you up with a vacuum cleaner)
Also check out the optional rules on carrying stuff in mist form, no more playing where's my pants game, plus hauling gear into tight spots.

Paralyzing Howl. 9 Karma (Not bad, but its AOE so gotta watch using it so you don't zap your buddies accidentally, or maybe you like doing that to your buddies on a Karaoke night out. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif) )

Regeneration 12 Karma. (Always handy even if it won't regenerate magical damage or while in contact with Allergens)

The new Infected Goblin on page 138 looks like this:


Cost: 27 Karma

This quality may only be taken by dwarf characters.

Upon Infection, goblins rapidly purge nearly all of their body fat and hair, becoming skeletal figures. Over time, they develop a sickeningly sweet body odor.

Improved Physical Attributes: Body, Reaction, Strength [Add two points to selected Physical Attributes (+1 to two or +2 to one)]

Improved Mental Attributes: Willpower, Intuition [Add two points to selected Mental Attributes (+1 to two or +2 to one)]

Gained Powers: Dual Natured, Essence Drain, Immunity (Age), Infection, Natural Weapon (Bite: DV (STR+1) P, AP –1, Reach –1), Natural Weapon (Claws: DV (STR+2) P, AP –1), +1 initiative die, +1 to all movement rates. Additionally, choose a free Optional Power (any besides Regeneration).

Optional Powers: Enhanced Senses (Smell, Taste), Immunity (Fire, Toxins), Regeneration

Gained Weaknesses: Allergy (Sunlight, Moderate), Dietary Requirement (Metahuman Flesh), Essence Loss, Vulnerability (Iron), –1 Logic, –1 Charisma

Notes: Goblins cannot digest heavily processed foods, and they suffer nausea (p. 409, SR5) when they eat them.
Like the dwarfs that they were, goblins receive +2 dice for pathogen and toxin resistance. The bonus dice for toxin resistance are lost when they gain Immunity (Toxins). They carry HMHVV Strain I.

Damage taken due to their Allergy to Sunlight cannot be healed with Regeneration, even after they are no longer being exposed. Normal and magical healing still work.

So hope that helps with giving a baseline you can adapt to your campaign with and give you and idea of how they can buy the rest over time with karma, so it won't take them too long to get Regeneration back, if you allow it of course.
We have been toying with giving a similar treatment to Shifters, so it can be fun.
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