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Full Version: Smuggling Babies
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check this creepy shit out:

I'd say Sacrifice metamagic, but that would have required live babies. I'd say Shedim, but I do not see the point of possessing immature bodies. Most probably the work of a 5th world Tamanous.
I was thinking petro rite voodoun or something along those lines. Materials for creepy enchanting rituals...
I think I'm gonna be sick... indifferent.gif
The other other white meat? They might have just been planning to seel them to medical schools. It isn't easy to get baby cadavres .
Fresno Bob
So that's what happened to those babies I ordered.
The other other white meat.
Ancient History
Fertility fetishes. Imagine a mass mob mood spell ritual-cast on the fetus hidden in the statue, designed to drive those around it mad with desire. Excellent way to replenish a population after a devastating war...or to subvert members of the Catholic church to a secretive cult dedicated to a hermaphroditic sex diety...
Ugh. All of this should be cleansed with the fury of righteous fire. Fire from the purifying flamethrowers of the Church's inquisitorial edict squads and reinforced with squads of Templar knights...
And drop bear ninjas.
I like AH's idea.
As do I. AH gets an A.
I'm with PhhhhBBT and JJ on this. Just wrong on so many levels. Maybe I'm a bit more vehement because I have an 11 month old, but yeah. Turns my stomach, literally. Good example of why I have a character hunting down all the Tamanous skags in his area. Hope they get the sick f***s behind this.
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