Is anyone working on converting the vehicle mod rules from Rigger 3 to SR4? After reading through the SR4 rules I was seriously disappointed with the lack of vehicle mod rules, which I think was the coolest part about being a Rigger. My first SR (2) character was a Rigger and I still have a special place in my heart for them. I thought the best part was adding all of those "Bat car" mods like Passenger Ejection Seat, rear Oil/Smoke Spray, or (my favourite) Underwater Adaption kit*.

* I'll never forget the look on my GM's face:
GM: "The Lone Star vehicles are still chasing you, you haven't lost them."
Me: "I drive into Lake Washington!"
GM: "WHAT?! How?"
Me: "My Bulldog has Underwater Adaption. It's water tight with a propeller, I'll lose them in the lake..."