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are there any 3rd ed. adventures around that could work well with 4th ed? I have the survival of the fittest book, but the time frame and events are history as far as 4th ed characters are concerned. any thoughts on this?

try some of the 2nd edition runs that don't have as much to do with the metaplot instead, like Bottled Demon. Neat run. The only thing you really have to waive away is when Arleesh wakes up. in the adventure it says she's been awake for just a few months. But heck, she's already got a limo driving her around, so being awake for 15 yrs works just as well.
I recommend Mob War! - it has some metaplot in it, but that's easily re-writen and fit to your campaign.
On Mobwar...

Change the city to something other than seattle, change the names involved and it will run perfectly, actually. Since it is mainly ideas for runs rather than lots of stats it should be nice and easy to get right.

Last night i ran the second half of one of the adventures in Wake of the comet, I did a restat and chnaged the comet involved, the probe was Gagarin II, I have the comet name somewhere but it should be passing next in late 69- early 70 so the timing was right. I had sensible reasons for the interest, that the group didn't hunt down (no interest in space). I'd run the first half for another group a couple of months back. It worked well, I just needed to re stat.
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