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Ok random thought popped into my head about how in English we have names for groups of things, so what do you call a group of runners?

A 'Shadow' of Runners? (bad pun intended, lol).

What cha'll think?

James McMurray
I've always called them a team.
A bodycount of Shadowrunners?
Haha, clever.
How 'bout a 'skulk of runners'. (also a name for a group of foxes)
A botch of runners.
James McMurray
A horror of runners, forever ending the "aret here horrors in SR?" debate. wink.gif
QUOTE (James McMurray)
A horror of runners, forever ending the "aret here horrors in SR?" debate. wink.gif

QUOTE (James McMurray)
I've always called them a team.

But there is no "I" in team. And most shadowrunners are looking out for number 1.

A group of crows is called a "murder" of crows. That seems pretty accurate for shadowrunners nyahnyah.gif
Hmm, Team No, that implies teamwork. Pack, well some groups act like predatory dogs. For my group I'm going with Herd. One leads and everyone else just follows wink.gif
Apes - A shrewdness
Asses - A pace
Badgers - A cete
Bats - A colony
Bears - A sloth, sleuth
Buffalo - A gang, an obstinacy
Cats - A clowder, a pounce
Kittens - A kindle, litter, an intrigue
Cattle - A drove, herd
Deer - A herd, bevy (refers to roe deer)
Dogs (young)- A litter
Dogs (wild) - pack
Dogs (curs) - cowardice
Dogs (hounds) - cry, mute, kennel, pack
Elephants - A herd
Elk - A gang
Ferrets - A business
Fox - A leash, skulk, earth
Giraffes - A tower
Goats - A tribe, trip
Gorillas - A band
Hippo - A bloat
Horses (colts) - A team, harras, rag
Horses (single owner) - stud
Horses (ponies) - string
Hyenas - A cackle
Kangaroos - A troop
Leopards - A leap
Lions - A pride
Moles - A labor
Monkeys - A troop, barrel
Mules - A pack, span, barren
Otters - A romp
Oxen - A team, yoke
Pigs (young) - A drift, drove, litter
Pigs (swine) - sounder
Pigs (hogs) - team, passel
Pigs (boars) - singular
Porcupines - A prickle
Rabbits (domestic) - A colony, warren, nest, herd
Rabbits (hares) - A down, husk
Rabbits (young) - litter
Rhino - A crash
Seals - A pod, herd
Sheep - A drove, flock, herd
Squirrels - A dray, scurry
Tigers - A streak
Whales - A pod, gam, herd
Wolves - A pack, rout or route (when in movement)


Crocodiles - A bask
Frogs - An army
Toads - A knot
Turtles - A bale, nest
Snakes - A nest


Fish - A draft, nest, school, shoal
Bass - A shoal
Herring - An army
Sharks - A shiver
Trout - A hover


Ants - A colony
Bees - A grist, hive, swarm Caterpillars - An army
Clams - A bed
Cockroaches - An intrusion
Flies - A business
Gnats - A cloud, horde
Grasshoppers - A cloud
Hornets - A nest
Jellyfish - A smack
Locusts - A plague
Oysters - A bed


Birds (in air) - A flight
Birds (on ground) - volary, brace
Bitterns - A sedge
Buzzards - A wake
Bobolinks - A chain
Chicks - A brood; clutch
Coots - A cover
Cormorants - A gulp
Cranes - A sedge
Crows - A murder, horde
Dotterel - A trip
Doves - A dule
Doves (turtle) - pitying
Ducks (in air) - A brace, flock
Ducks (on water) - raft
Eagles - A convocation
Finches - A charm
Flamingos - A stand
Geese - A flock, gaggle
Geese - (flying) - skein
Grouse - A pack
Gulls - A colony
Hawks- A cast, kettle, boil
Herons - A sedge, a siege
Jays - A party, scold
Lapwings - A deceit
Larks - An exaltation
Mallards - A sord, brace
Magpies - A tiding, gulp, murder, charm
Martins - A richness
Nightingales - A watch
Owls - A parliament
Parrots - A company
Partridge - A covey
Peacocks - A muster, an ostentation
Penguins - A colony
Pheasant - A nest, nide, nye, bouquet
Plovers - A congregation, wing
Ptarmigans - A covey
Rooks - A building
Quail - A bevy, covey
Ravens - An unkindness
Snipe - A walk, a wisp
Sparrows - A host
Starlings - A murmuration
Storks - A mustering
Swallows - A flight
Swans - A bevy, wedge
Teal - A spring
Turkeys - A rafter, gang
Widgeons - A company
Woodcocks - A fall
Woodpeckers - A descent
Well that list certainly is exhaustive. SO just pick the animal your runner team most resembles?
James McMurray
I guess since my gruop tend to act like a team the name fits. Besides, more people would want to hire a team than a murder. smile.gif

edit: changed players to group since I'm not the only SR GM now.
A clue of shadowrunners

A Clue of Shadowrunners

A clue of shadowrunners

A CLUE of Shadowrunners
A CLUE of Shadowrunners <-----That definitely wins
A group of people that have absolutely nothing to do with any trouble that may or may not have happened in the last few hours.
A kiloyak of Shadowrunners.

I blame this term on the fact that we once had a dwarf demolitionist get told he carried enough stuff in his pockets to kill a yak.

A megayak of Shadowrunners is far too many.
Kanada Ten
A kilo of runners is pretty funny.
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