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Here is the link to the new SR video game for those who don't want to search the threads. It looks cool, but I'm not sure about the whole rewriting of the story yet. I guess time will tell if it still feels like Shadowrun. Either way, it has to be better then SR4....LOL
We know. There's another thread about it. It's still on the first page of the forums. Are you blind or something?
Well Nick, the only thing I saw posted was the pics from E3 before I posted. I wasn't going to read into multiple pages of rambling to find the link. I was merely posting something a little more convenient for those not addicted to banter. But nice to see that you are being an a55.
It's the Dumpshock forums. What did you expect, playful kittens?
In a world of flux an ancient bloodline struggles with a globe spanning Corporation over a power that can shape the world. The year is 2021. The place is Santos, Brazil.

This is pre-game timeline... guess they did this so as not to have to adhere to strong to the cannon of the books.
I wuv kittens.
emo samurai
Kremlin KOA
Love kittens, on toast

They seem to have placed the conflict right before the founding of amazonia

in that region
James McMurray
Little tiny kitten shaped trees? What's so neat about those that makes them deserving of ALL CAPS? Should I feel bad for not owning one and rush to my ikia catalog?
emo samurai
You don't BUY bonsai kittens, you MAKE them.
Multiple threads about a single subject are acceptable; being rude and driving them off-topic is not.
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