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Full Version: McGuffins?
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QUOTE (emo samurai)
Shouldn't runners have ways of spoofing whatever high-tech countermeasures Mr. Johnson might have?

Only if they do a lot of B&E or datatheft.

If they're mainly a "kill this" and "intercept that" or "deliver here" or "protect them" group, then they probably don't have much to disable advanced security systems.
some of those "kill this" missions may require them to get past some advanced security to get at the target. still, most teams just go for the citymaster full of C-12 at that point...
Wounded Ronin
I still think the briefcase should be filled with porn.
James McMurray
Only if it's mechashiva furry porn.
Wounded Ronin
Hmm. If you were using houserules, opening the briefcase could cost Sanity...
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