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Full Version: What's your favorite RPG?
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emo samurai
Which RPG system do you love more than any other?
What an odd list...
James McMurray
I had to vote other, as there are a ton of games I like. Each system has its own feel to it, and tends to lend itself to different setups.

High Fantasy: D&D

Gritty fantasy: Rolemaster

High Magic + Technology: WoD

Gritty Magic + Technology: Shadowrun

Gritty future: Spacemaster

Other future: depends on the game to be run. Silhouette works well, as do the various d20 offerings such as Star Wars and d20 future

Legend of the Five rings is the one to play if you're looking for gaming set in an oriental setting with heavy elemental ties. D&D's Oriental Adventures offers a more generic setting with less opportunities for instant death (at higher levels of course).

The categories are by no means all inclusive or exclusive. You can have a high fantasy game in Rolemaster just by using different characters and foes. You can have a cinematic / high fantasy version of Shadowrun just by changing the char gen rules and offering things like mechashiva catgirl rigs.

Basically, my favorite RPG is the one I'm playing at that point in time, as long as it doesn't suck.
Where's the "I don't play RPGs" option?

James McMurray
In the poll on the non-RPG boards is my guess. smile.gif
emo samurai
What's wrong with my list? frown.gif
Shadowrun, Earthdawn, In Nomine, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay ... in no particular order.

I also enjoy Call of Cthulhu, Champions, Paranoia and Gurps a lot.
James McMurray
QUOTE (emo samurai)
What's wrong with my list? frown.gif

1) It includes Shadowrun on a Shadowrun board. "What's your favorite non-SR game?" may have gotten more interesting responses.

2) It's impossible to list ten games on this poll. Even a "what's your favorite fantasy RPG" couldn't be covered in just ten games.

3) You wrote it and you're emo samurai and therefor it sucks!

Sorry. I think I may have been momentarily possessed by Dranem on that 3rd one.
I miss DC Heroes. frown.gif And Marvel. And Star Frontiers.
James McMurray
Ahhhh Star Frontiers. The original home of the Thri-kreen. smile.gif

Marvel was pretty sweet too, although there are now what could be considered better superhero systems, the sourcebooks for those I've seen pale in comparison. Plus there was several years worth of Dragon Magazine with monthly addons for the game.
voted other because i like diffrent games for diffrent reasons...
I prefer the RPG 7, mostly because you can buy them in bulk at discount prices all accross the world.
James McMurray
RPG 7?
Rocket Propelled Grenade model 7, Soviet Manufacter I believe.
Details Here smile.gif
Kyoto Kid
...yeah I'm a throwback, but my all time favourite has been and always will be Champions - The Super Hero Role Playing Game

This was one of the first systems to dispense with random attribute determination (ie. dice rolling) in favour of a build point system. It also had character advantages & disadvantages and a discussion on developing a character concept which was quite "new" to RPGs at the time. It had a fairly simple mechanic, using all 6 sided dice exclusively with the pool based on the level of power/attribute the character used.

Also, there is something about playing an "over the top" costume hero that I find kind of fun, particularly when RPGs started taking a "darker" turn with systems like White Wolf & CyberPunk.

I have every edition from the first printing (with the blue cover and text that looks like it was typed up on an old Underwood) to the latest Hero System BBB as well as a number of supplements.

Sadly, the game is not popular where I live so the books are providing homes for dust bunnies for now.

That or the M72 LAW.

QUOTE (stevebugge)
I prefer the RPG 7, mostly because you can buy them in bulk at discount prices all accross the world.

And if you know trig, and are reasonably creative, you can use it against air targets!
QUOTE (nezumi)

Ditto, promise you won't be a target for the RPG 7 grinbig.gif
AD$D was sweet when I first got into it, but later I got into the original Marvel Superheroes RPG, which led to Palladium's TMNT & Other Strangeness (now reborn and After The Bomb II) & a few other Palladium titles.
Wounded Ronin
I think that Little Fears deserves mention. It's really an ingenious setting in my opinion.

Also, I have a soft spot for Hero Quest, aka D&D Lite. Hero Quest may not be very complex but it's great for a pickup tactical game if we don't want to spend hours creating characters for a one-shot at a party or something. Hero Quest is very soothing mentally to play.
In no particular order:

WEG's Star Wars RPG
Top Secret/S.I.
Marvel Superheroes
TMNT & Other Strangeness/Nijas & Superspies (Because there is just something cool about a Thai Kickboxing Koala)
Twilight 2000
BattleTech/MechWarrior (until they stared that Jihad nonsense. Now FanPro/WizKids won't get a dime of my money for anything BattleTech. I won't even introduce new players to it they've pissed me off so bad and I had played it for 20 years.)
John Campbell
Amazing. Shadowrun has a huge lead. Who would ever have guessed.
emo samurai
I'll make a new poll.
Cyberpunk - For near future. All tech, no f--- magic

T2K - For blowing things up. With rules for Nukes, just to be sure

GURPS - for all other things these days
Traveller 1st edition & TNE, Shadowrun all editions, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition only. In no particular order.

I voted for Paranoia.
After that, Shadowrun, 2nd Ed D&D and Bloodbowl (as much as that could be considered mildly rpg).
Exalted will forever hold my heart but after that its shadowrun to the extent its the only two games i play because DnD can suck me
Herald of Verjigorm
Honestly I favor Shadowrun (with all the statistical confusion created by variable TNs, thresholds, and dice count on the same roll).
However after Neverborn's endorsement there may be new potential elsewhere...
I have to echo Kyoto Kid and say Champions. It's pretty much all we've played for the past dozen years or so... I'm feeling old saying that. The Shadowrun setting is one of my favorite, but I started under second edition, where some of the rules only made sense after I was drunk. Third was better, haven't looked much at fourth, I have to admit.
Eddie Furious
Millenium's End.

It has a very good combat system and a very good skill test resolution system.
Mutants & Masterminds FTW.

Combo of:

Ars Magica
7th Sea
#1. Hero System by Defenders of Justice (Champions, Dark Champions, Pulp Hero, Star Hero, Fantasy Hero, and more to come...)

#2. GURPS by Steve Jackson Games (Fantasy, Traveller, and so many more...)

#3. None at the moment



P.S.: I love the Shadowrun Setting, but really dislike the System.
Other. Different games for different genres.

In general though, I'd have to say that AD&D 2nd edition and Shadowrun are tied for number one.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (Birdy)
Cyberpunk - For near future. All tech, no f--- magic

...I have to second this choice as well for the very same reason.
Shadowrun for the world. I'd rather have a computer run a turn-based combat scenario than roll all the dice and figure the pools out though.
Eartdawn, followed closely by Shadowrun.
Yeah, I haven't gotten into ED. Mostly because I don't have a lot of time to devote to more than 2 RPGs at this point in my life.
Pick up the latest releases of RedBrick and you will be hooked. But Iknow what you mean, I don't have time to play in more than one regular group these days.

In earlier days, many things had been easier.... *sigh*
I'm surprised to see no one mentioned Kult, neither it was on the list. I love that game, second only to SR. After both of them would come L5R and DA: Vampire.
Ah Kult, if Shadowrun is my game wife, Kult is my mistress it allows me to do all the dirty disgusting things shadowrun doesn't allow.
I voted for "other." By far my favorite is the old West End Games version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, Second Edition (none of that Revised and Expanded crud for me).
Iron Guardian
Aside from the fact that no game system can/will please everyone (which also goes for everything else in life), my favorite games/game systems: (no particular order after the first listed)

- Savage Worlds, any genre;

- Blue Planet 2nd ed., very well done SciFi rpg...main quibble with it is the lack of underwater combat rules of any sort;

- OGL 3.5, seems to work best for fantasy as in D&D with its wealth of material (assuming one can afford it all eek.gif );

- AEG's Roll and Keep, 7th Sea and the genres, though the system can be clunky at times, especially for 7th Sea;

- the very similar Shadowrun 4th ed. and WW new WOD systems;

- Serenity the RPG...haven't tried the system yet, but I'm such a Browncoat;

- definitely prefer HeroSystem 5th Ed. Rev. over GURPS mostly due to my accounting background (we "bean-counters" do seem to love number-crunching wink.gif ) though GURPS does provide a wealth of very good source books useable for other games;

- and Paranoia as a great stress-reliever wobble.gif
Castle Falkenstien
7th Seas

None of them on the original list....
Apart from Shadowrun, which i've played since 1990 i dig on Deadlands
(the origional, not the sucky D20 version)
Amber Diceless (no, not Tri-Stat)

I just like the idea of a story with no dice, only action and reaction.
Voted other for Deadlands Classic.
I voted for shadowrun, even though I havent play or gmed it in a few years. White Wolfs Vampire is my current game of choice. mostly brcause the storyteller is just that good.

Right now I guess I would have to say Shadowrun 4ed since it really is the only game I am playing currently.. I am pretty burnt out on D20 all together

However I do miss Cyberpunk and mekton R Talsorian did a great job with those 2 games... simple, fast, deadly, and fun...

Champions by far the best Supers game I have played. Alot of fun... most people think it takes to long to build a character but I think that is half the fun of the system. Putting so much uniqueness into you character is a blast

i created a magic system for Cyberpunk a few years back. I think in alot of ways i actually prefer the D10 cyberpunk system to shadowruns system in all honesty. Maybe one day I will decide to run the shadowrun world using Cyberpunk rules.
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