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I do not understand. What do you mean with 'waste more money by doubling up on stuff'?

And why would your example called Bob have to buy separate ear- and eye-items when he already got cyber-versions?

And how is this going to affect the less cybered teammates of Bob? Or how are they going to negatively affect Bob, when almost all their items are skinlinked?

I really can't see any disadvantages in skinlinking all items for now. Please elaborate. smile.gif
question #1-2.

If Bob wants to look around the corner and transmit what he see's in real time to the rest of his team and he wants to keep his cyber parts safe, he has to use devices that DO use wifi to communicate with his comm and then to his team. Its "doubling up" because he baught cyber eyes, and then had to buy glasses(etc.).

The team members who say screw it and risk being hacked or who have faith in there anti hacking measures only have to buy one set of sight/sound gear.

My whole argument is neglible at best heh just forget it. If you want 100% security you have to go with a skinned datajack which cost essense and causes a penalty to healing. Because even if you are using one hidden and one passive/active comm your hidden comm can still get hacked.
The only surefire way to have secure 'ware is to have none at all.
Of course there really isn't any reason why you can't install a skinlinked Datajack and only Subscribe it to your commlink's wireless PAN when you want to transmit/receive something.

Of course you'd be open to the threat of a passing Decker while doing so, but buy a Betagrade Datajack and load it with as many ( Rating 5 ) Agents as you can to make a really nasty Chockpoint that has to be hacked before a Decker can even get to the rest of your ware.
Or just be retro and use a wire.
Sure but wires are so messy and they hurt like hell when they get snagged on something. cyber.gif
QUOTE (Ravor)
Sure but wires are so messy and they hurt like hell when they get snagged on something. cyber.gif

Good routing of wires and application of electrical tape usually solves that problem. biggrin.gif
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