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QUOTE (Demerzel)
Well that table on p179 says, "Unbound Spirit Services" and "Bound Spirit Services"

So really it is not saying that some of these services are bound services, and some are unbound services. It is a list of services, of a very generic type, that are assigned to unbound spirits or bound spirits.

But that's all just semantics isn't it?

the heading for the table overall is 'spirit services'.

based on that, it seems reasonable to assume that the words bound and unbound are modifying 'spirit services', not just 'spirit'. thus you have spirit services of the bound and unbound varieties.

but like i said, mechanically he was absolutely correct, so yes... it is all just semantics nyahnyah.gif
since we're on the subject of services, i want to reask a question I trie dto get going before, what constitutes a physical service? In RH it indicated taht a water spirit could protect you from drowning (and it's cannon from BS); in other modules it talked of air spirits carrying mages; in sota 64 earth elementals were used to dig trenches. WHat counts as a physical service?
Don't make me have to put this up on the whole, board, giv eme some answers.
a physical service is where you get a spirit to do something physical that isn't covered by the other services. for example, getting an earth elemental to push over a stack of crates to block off a passage in a warehouse, or telling a water spirit to go pick up and bring to you something you just dropped into the toilet and flushed. it doesn't require any specific spirit powers use, per se, it just requires them to manifest (or possess something) and use their passive abilities to perform some task.
QUOTE (laughingowl)
There are no 'bound' and 'unbound' services, there a SERVICES owed.

There ARE bound and unbound spirits.

Absolutely. I used those terms to distinguish between services gained before and after binding, but I can see how someone could misinterpret my off-the-cuff terminology (especially given the aforementioned table).

Perhaps "pre-binding services" and "post-binding services" would have been clearer for me to use.
QUOTE (Smed)
I'm crurious about something. Does anyone play in a game where the GM play up how Spirits dislike being bound? There really isn't a game mechanic for it, but if you go around binding spirts a lot, does your GM impose any penalties for doing so?

We've entertained the idea of having a spirit resist any Binding test by spending a point of its Edge. The rule of thumb that "spirits use their Edge primarily for self-preservation" would seem to extend into resisting forced servitude.

However, then it makes Binding way super mega hard to do (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). So we haven't tried to make anything official yet.
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