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Full Version: Looking to Play SR Missions in the Boston Area
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Black Jack Rackham
Before anyone goes and gets their hopes up, I am looking to play the newest round of Missions and I was hoping to find a willing GM or Commando up in this area to run the whole shootin match. Im southwest of Boston but even so, I'd be willing to travel to play.

I should say, I plan on GMing once I've played them all.


Black Jack Rackham
Gonna bump this (but only once I promise) 'cause I'm desperate to find someone who will GM the SRMissions adventures up here in the Boston area. Only had two leads and neither panned out.

So just one last time, anyone out there willing to run em in the Boston/Worcester/Providence area?
Jame J
I'd be willing to play, but not GM. And that assumes I can get there (being T-bound and all).
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