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Full Version: experiementing with a skype sr4 game
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anyone willing to do a few runs over skype to see if it will work well plz reply.
I'm not up for any new games at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that I recently started doing this exact thing a little while ago.

I've only had 2 sessions so far. The group is 8 people plus GM (me), but we haven't had more than 7 people total at a time. Make sure that whoever is hosting the chat has the newest version of Skype, the older ones can't conference with more than 5 people.

One thing that we've found works really well for us is to set up a group text chat along with our conference call. That way, the people who aren't currently in the spotlight can still interact with the group and make their funny comments without distracting from the game. It also helps to keep people from multitasking too much i.e. checking their e-mail, watching internet videos, etc.

Overall, it's been working better than I'd ever imagined. It's obviously not as good as sitting around a table together, but it's not too far away, either.
Good luck!

I might be up for this. I'm in the UK though, so I don't know what time zone you work in. Also don't have skype, but that's probably easier to fix than moving the island.

Email me through the boards if you want to.


Depending on time I'd be willing to give it a shot.
Has anyone this? how well does it work? is it just like a regular conference call? I have some players that occasionally can not make it to the game (for one reason or another) that has offered trying to do their part for that game via IM. But this would be better. TeamSpeak and other "chat channels" have issues when more than one person tries to talk at once. How does this work?

It works great. The sound fidelity is great, but beware of background noises (like my noisy case fans). A little background noise from a couple people can really add up.
Yes, it's just like a regular conference call. I haven't had any problems with multiple people trying to talk at once. I suppose it's possible, but after two sessions I haven't noticed it. Sometimes when more than one person wants to do something it's hard to figure out whose turn it is to speak, but as the GM I solve that by arbitrarily calling on them like a grade-school teacher.
I have my third session on Saturday, maybe I'll have more insight next week.
I do this already, too. It works nicely.

Depending on times, timezones, and game style (setting etc.) I might want to join. I'd like a little more info before I commit to anything though. wink.gif
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