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Full Version: Anyone In/Around Portland, ME
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A friend of mine is looking to start up a game of Shadowrun. Looking for 2-4 (at least semi-)mature individuals interested in/around the Portland, Maine area. Transportation might be arranged, depending on location. Not sure about the actual start date --I think we'd start later in the month [Mar2007]-- but sessions would likely occurr on a weekly basis in the evenings/nights for a few(2-5?) hours. He's very familiar with the 3rd ED., but is looking to start 4th ED. Players in the past have been a little rouge-ish and chaotic with their characters (and not in a good way), so concepts that aren't totally asinine will be a relief! Feel free to send me a PM or shoot me an email, or post for more information/interest. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can until he gets his internets up. Or I can pretend to Smile. Later, chummers.
Greetings,my name is Eric and I have a group(4 players) that plays Shadowrun 3rd edition at Crossroads games in Standish Maine(its about 15 minutes from Portland depending on where you are)every wednesday from 6pm to 9pm.If your intested in Shadowrun your more welcome to join our group as a player or alternate GM.Drop me a Email if your interested.


I just got out of a year and a half campaign with some local folks who all live in Portland. The group has since split up but there's two or three of us still remaining looking to fit some SR into our busy schedules. Most of us live in the Parkside/Oakdale sections of Portland.
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