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Full Version: Oklahoma City, USA?
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I would like to sit in on a play session with a 4th Ed GM. Any out there live in Oklahoma City, or in a virtual setting willing to invite me along?

treat me as a willing but complete noob. I haven't played since about 1994 due to a lack of players and an annoying little career getting in the way.
Moved to more appropriate forum.

Somebody help a jediknight out! smile.gif
From the Commando Web Site:
SRM02-03 The Grab
5/20/2007 @ 12:00:00 PM
At: BattleFields
12302 N.May
Oklahoma City, OK

Hosted by Clay "Raven" Jones.

HTH! He's got events on a few other upcoming dates as well. biggrin.gif
One of my good friends is from Oklahoma City, and i'm sure he knows players you could play with. I'll see him later today or tomorrow, so i'll ask him when I see him.
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