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Full Version: Recent arrival to Portland, OR area - any gamers?
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I've recently set up in the Portland, OR area. Are there any games ongoing in the area that need an additional player, or any new games forming?
There are apparently a couple out there.

There's this one by 'fool'.

Hope that helps
Wow, a couple? What good luck. =)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I've replied to fool's post; if anyone else is putting together a group, give me a nudge. =)
I think you've already talked to Kyoto Kid, but our group is always cool with more. We do both SR3 and SR4.
Not of this World
Just moved to the Gresham area and am also interested in finding a Shadowrun group to play with. Both my wife and I play and I'm willing to GM easily.

Preferably 3rd edition, it is all I will GM but we're willing to play 4th edition as well.

Need a family friendly environment as we have two young kids.

PM me as I don't read the forums much these days.
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