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Full Version: Shadowrun (4th Edition) in Minneapolis, MN
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I'm currently running a monthly game in Minneapolis, MN. I've got 4 players currently and would be interested in one or two more, if you live in the area.

The game is interconnected with a BBS/Blog, where I report the Seattle news and players can make comments in character. You are welcome to interact with my players as well - just stay in character. It's actually a lot of fun to call them out and spread rumors, etc...


I have a separate GM page that is locked up tight, so my players can't get a look at the behind the scenes stuff. If you're interested in taking a look at the sourcebooks that I'm creating for the game, please e-mail me directly at and I'll add your e-mail address to the list, which will give you access.

I'm a player in this game as well, just wanted to shout out to other MPLS 'Runners.
I'm curious, live in mpls area... but have never played 4th ed. Have plenty xp with all the other editions.
PM please.
Holy crap! I didn't realize you guys were in the MSP area.

Still looking for recruits?
I'm currently talking with MasterCrow and holychampion about having them join my campaign and/or running games themselves. If both join my game, that'll put me up to 6 players, which is my max.

If you're interested in playing, you might want to PM one of them and see what they say.
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