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Prime Mover
All too often on news and in movies we see Rocket Propeled Gernades in action, thousands of rpg's are in use around the world and have stood the test of time, outside of the "law" can't recall seeing them stated anywere, two versions for warhead anti personel and anti armor. ( ton of varitations and specialty ammo) Just wondering even after all these years for backwater countries and low budget baddies would the old rpg still be in use in 2070?

What I've done when used once, standard gernade damage. RPG is recoiless rocket not really gernade but seems to be closest match.

(EDIT: Went back and looked over stats on "LAW" in Cannon Comp. and thinking it might be closest stat wise and might even be good replacement for 2070 setting. )
[EDIT] Nevermind, your grammar threw me for a loop as to what you were actually asking about. And yeah, there'd still be rocket launchers around in the 2070s. The term RPG is really somewhat antiquated and informal, having roots in the Russian names for all manner of personal anti-tank weapons that developed over the years. Really just about any dumbfire rocket launcher can fit such a designation, and there's plenty of those still around in SR. There's even a couple in the book, weapons capable of firing rockets OR smart missles, with one being an expensive semi-auto design(!) and a cheapie disposable model, which would be perfect for those backwaters you are asking about. So there's really no lack of such weapons in the SR4 book atm, and any gaps should be filled by Arsenal soon anyway.
Whipstich is right about the whole "RPG" thing. It's roughly the acronym in russian for "rocket anti-tank launcher" , and now is used for more modern weapons.

However I'm betting that you're referring to CNN/BBC's favorite, the RPG-7.

I think something like that will definitly still be around in 2070. Just because of how cheap they are to manufacture, how easy they are to use, and how badly you can treat them and still have them work.

Due to it's popularity in the mainstream media it's quite possible that the weapon will be states out in arsenal.

However it is also quite possible it won't be. The key reason being that SR tends to stat things more along the lines of top of the line weaponry. For example the classic double barreled shotgun may not get stated. And if it does it'll probably come with a higher, not lower, damage code.

Anyway for an RPG-7
Range is quite limited. From the descriptions I've read (tend to need targets within 50 meters, skilled people can connect at 500meters) I'd suggest using the assault rifle ranges. It's also got a "lob the thing as far as it'll go" mode for about 1000 meters range, but that isn't aimed.

Damage from the weapon would be a little low. I'd put it between rackets and grenades for value, giving it 12 high explosive and 14 anti vehicle (same AP and blast reduction as the rockets).

It is a SS type weapon and reloading is a bit of an ordeal. A US army report on the thing listed it's rate of fire as 4-6 rounds per minute. So with a little aiming and set up time maybe figure it takes at least 2 complex actions to get the thing ready to go again. One to attach the booster to the sustainer and another to load the weapon. Extra actions if you don't have someone handing you stuff and helping out as you'll have to set things down and pick things up which takes simple actions.

The selling point, however, is that the cost of the weapon and ammo are, from what I know, about a tenth what the actual rocket launchers and rockets cost.
If you want the actual RPG-7, yes, the stats should suck for such an antiquity, assuming you even find one.

The SR world will have replaced the RPG-7 model by then, of course. The LAW, or the Aztech Lasher, would be the equivalent.

Remember, the RPG-7 is common today because the market is flooded by it. In 2070, the market is flooded by something else.

Darkest Angel
QUOTE (Backgammon)
Remember, the RPG-7 is common today because the market is flooded by it. In 2070, the market is flooded by something else.

I wouldn't be so sure, the RPG-7 has flooded the market for well over 40 years. The AK-47 is 60 years old now and getting more popular.
There may be minor variation but I expect the thing, in some form, will still be around. It's just a vary basic but effective form. Sort of like a shotgun. Maybe in the future the shotgun will have a smart choke or something, but it's still basically the same thing.

The Aztech "striker" is more lawish and I think of it like a fat M72. It's nice for runners as you can carry the thing in a backpack and it packs a very nice punch at good range.

But for a third world country getting more launchers and paying for full priced rockets would be too much.

From a game point of view other groups may be getting them instead of strikers and the like as well. Throwing some of these into a run lets you add a little pizzaz to your riggers day(or the rest of the team for that matter) without wasting them with a full on launcher.

The things are just fun, I think I'll add them into my campaign.
Assuming that there's an equivalent weapon to the RPG-7 flooding the market in a similarly equivalent way, that weapon would be nearly equivalent, stats-wise, to the Striker. It simply wouldn't be considered "disposable". Rather, it would be heavier, longer, and re-usable, possibly with better targeting abilities. As far as price is concerned, I'd say it's next to nothing, maybe 600Y-750Y. Of course, God help you if you get caught with it in a Western city. I'd drop the price even more in the third world, where, even today, you can pick up an AK-47 for the price of a goat (or less) in some countries. The full range of rockets would be available to the discerning buyer, but in the third world, I'd imagine that extremely cheap HE rockets would be the standard.

Note, also, that a lot of guerrilla groups are making the switch toward the RPG-7 as their primary weapon, as opposed to the AK-47. That opens up huge markets for cheap knockoffs and increased manufacturing, ensuring that those designs will still be around in abundance in 2070.
Zen Shooter01
It ain't going away, for the same reason the pump shotgun and the AK-47 aren't. Cheap, reliable, easy to use.

But Arsenal is coming quick, so I'd wait and see what it has to say.
I thought arsenal was a long ways off, with augmentation coming down the line, then some setting books?

@Geekkake I think you're missing the point. While strikerish things will be out there, a rocket like that costs, in SR4, 1000 nuyen a pop. And perhaps more importantly requires a higher level of sophistication to make, especially in bulk(which I assume that price factors in).

Now it's hard to get a price on RPG-7 rockets, especially due to current market forces perhapse dropping things below cost or effects from changing currencies, but currently it looks like you can get those rockets for maybe 100 bucks. They're really pretty simple so that wouldn't seem unreasonable. So you can either give your militia man one spike and hope he hits, or you can give the whole squad rpg-7 type rockets.

Now if you're well funded the spike is a no brainer. Lighter, compact, better range, more accurate, more damage. But if you aren't.........

Regardless, it could be a fun thing to have in our games since it's an exciting weapon to fire at the players, but unlike a regular launcher(or spike) they can get out of range of later shots and their chopper/bulldog has a better chance of just being wounded not finished.

The spike is fun too in that if you just give the oposition one there is an extremly deadly shot but not the rain of doom of a multilauncher (which just encourages them to bring their own).

Zen Shooter01
When I say "real quick" I mean in Shadowrun release time. This is different from the common human perception of time.
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