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Full Version: Critters emerge in China
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Lake Monsters filmed in Chinese Lake

Footage on youtube:

In keeping with all great works of cryptozoology, the footage is pretty lousy. But, its a whole bunch of somethings, and they're clearly pretty large.
I dunno, the first one looks like a zoom photo of a shrimp. Quick! Someone call the Australian embassy and have them bring a barbie.
Jack Kain
That footage is right up there with this one
Caine Hazen
Its just 10 meter long coy... big ole goldfish, from some old pond near there. All the ponds out there have em, right?
My parents had a video camera, and one would have had to work pretty hard to get the image quality to be that bad. Maybe the whole thing was filmed on a cell phone?
iron mouser
This thread reads just like something straight out of the old critters book. rotfl.gif
dont forget that youtube seriously crushes the video footage. im working on getting my stuff over to goggle video for just the reason.
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