With most of the moderation staff in attendance at Gen Con Indy this year, we thought it might be kinda nice to actually get to meet some of the Dumpshock folks and put Faces to the Handles.

With the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the convention, it's tough to pick out people in the crowds, and I've found that some of you mugs are really bad about introducing yourselves, even if you know who we are. Trust me, it's perfectly ok to say "Hey, you're Bull? I'm X from Dumpshock." I don't bite. Much. Anyways, we figured the easiest way to do this would be to get together at one of the events at the con, and what better one than the "What's Up With..." event, the little Q&A seminar where Adam, Rob, and the IMR/Catalyst guys will talk about the upcoming products and answer questions from the unruly masses.

This year the "What's Up with..." Seminar is at the Embassy Suites at Noon on Saturday, the 18th, in "Coronation 2". It's about an hour long, and afterward we'll round up any Dumpshockers to hang out and chat down in the Embassy Lobby, maybe go do some lunch or something.

Like I said, might be a good chance to put some faces to the names, chat for a bit. I'll be glad to attempt to answer any questions I can about Dumpshock and what we do here. And if anyone's really unhappy with the DSF Moderation staff, well be happy to let you have a free swing or two at Caine smile.gif

Hope to see you there!


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