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I vaguely remember Peter saying something like August 31st for the print release of Augmentation. I was just wondering if there is anywhere I could pre-order it or whatever without also ordering the PDF file. I can't find anything but the old FanPro copy on Amazon or Just wondering what the ETA is. Till I can get a decent PDA I very much prefer the print copy of books.

Yeah, I put my Shadowrun books on my Pocket PC for reading and I bring my laptop for playing. It's nice. Sorry, that doesn't answer your question.
FRP Games is usually pretty good about hardcopy pre-orders.
Official street date info can be found on the Catalyst website. FLGS and online vendors who placed orders - which is why we strongly encourage fans to put in pre-orders to make sure their local stores don't forget to get in early - should be getting the book any time now.

With the shift to Catalyst, we're still working out the kinks with regards to Amazon and some of the bigger online stores but the book should be available from our distributors to any stores that put in orders.

IMR's Battleshop will also have hardcopies available at the same times as everyone else.
Kyoto Kid
...i just want the PDF without having to give up more info on my life to some credit broker frown.gif
I'm not too worried about that KK, seeing as I'm sure my college probably has deals with credit institutions to sell info on students it's all out there anyway for me- and honestly, it's convenient enough I would get a check card even if it wasn't. I mean, if you have a bank account, get a check card and go through Paypal. It's about as secure as buying it in store with cash, I mean the effort involved to backtrack and steal from you that way is EASILY comparable to the effort required to follow you home, knock you over the head(or shoot you) and take your stuff.


EDIT: Also, thank you very much for the timely response, Peter.
ACD one of the game distributors used in the FLGSs here in my home town makes their inventory (not count but yes/no) availiable to the public and I did see that both their warehouses did have Augmentation in stock this morning. So I expect that the Street Date of the 31st isn't going to be unrealistic. They'd had it in stock a while if I remember correctly.

I'm sure the big boys like Alliance are at least as well stocked as little 'ol ACD. wink.gif
Kyoto Kid
...I've already been a victim of unauthorised access/use of personal information which is why I have gone Enemy of the State (the film) in many aspects of my life.
I'm sure that being a victim of that would definitely put things into a different perspective. I'm about as cautious as I can be. I keep my social on the do not accept list here in the US so that it's alot more of a hassle to apply for credit cards and the like but it's alot harder for anyone else. I never get a credit or checking account that doesn't cover theft and I never get one that doesn't track my purchasing and lock down my account if anything unusual happens without my authorization. So.... I'm about as safe as I can be, which is not much, but I do what I can while maintaining what is to me an acceptable level of convenience.

i know i've seen "credit cards" that you can just buy at a store and have charged up with cash.

alternately, paypal actually does not require a credit card... you can just use a bank account (takes time to transfer the money though).
Kyoto Kid
...for the same reasons I have no accounts anymore.
...that way leads to bank failures and the collapse of modern economies...
Eryk the Red
Really, if the world economy collapses because of the workings of someone who goes by the name "Kyoto Kid", that'd actually be pretty great.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (Demerzel)
...that way leads to bank failures and the collapse of modern economies...

...agreed. However, with the likes of people like Charles Keating still on the loose, I am still "cautious". Besides, banks no longer serve the customer, it's the other way around these days.

QUOTE (Eryk the Red)
Really, if the world economy collapses because of the workings of someone who goes by the name "Kyoto Kid", that'd actually be pretty great.

...mwahaha! (the plot thickens...)
I'll give it a week or two after the release date, then I'll call Compleat Strategist & find out if it's in. Then I'll make the train-trip to pick it up.

Any new news about the Quick Start Rules? I know (Thank you Adam!) that it will be free in both PDF & print, but will there be a slick magazine-like cover? What kind of graphics will it have on the cover (so I know what to look for)?

The only reason I am so annoying about ths is because I'm placing a lot of my faith in NOT being {expletive}'ed by the change-over.
There is no "release date" for Augmentation; there is a "Street Date" of August 31st. The books have been shipping to distributors and game stores for the last week or so, and it should be _on the shelves_ of your local game store tomorrow, August 31st.

The QSR is portrait-format, a regular staple-bound self-cover booklet and has the Gunslinger Adept artwork on the front cover. I'm not expecting it to be in game stores for a few weeks yet; last I knew, there are some logistical problems to work out.
Once again, Adam proves he is, Da Man. *salute*
Ryu : Sep 16 2007 (english version) HORRAY!
Hopefully this time is right - I'll keep my fingers crossed.
They got the catalyst games-change. There is a process.
Got my copy and it kicks ass. Sorry I don't have time to go into details right now, but lets just say that I have yet to be disappointed by an SR4 product, and Augmentation continues the streak.
My FLGS did get Aug in yesterday! I blew $100 on Battletech though because they also had a big street date, and I can like with the PDF I bought for a little while longer...
Got mine today at the local con (Tacticon) here in Denver. The only one on display though.

QUOTE (Kyoto Kid)
...I've already been a victim of unauthorised access/use of personal information which is why I have gone Enemy of the State (the film) in many aspects of my life.

That reminds me, KK, you need to refill the fridge.

And the new drapes are great!

(Also, I'm an exiled Nigerian prince. If you can help me get the royal family reserve out of the country...)
Zhan Shi
It trolls!
I'm gonna try and hunt this one down through German retail stores first. With no new licence on the horizon for us, it's probably best to generate a demand wink.gif
Picked up my copy at Strat today. *sniiiiiiiiiiffffffff* Ah, that new-book smell. biggrin.gif
*jealousy sets in*
Prime Mover
Pre-ordered and it never showed up at FLGS disappeared of off invoice. UCK So ordered from online site and been waiting 7 days now...hoping shows up tomorrow the usps tracking site sux never updated. Cant wait to finally get it, read Emergence twice now need something to soothe me for week or so till start craving for Arsenal and Unwired hehe.
Showed up in my FLGS earlier this week (Was available the week before, but the owner has been really bad about getting his orders in on time lately). I got a copy at GC, so don;t need one, but it is nice to see new product on the shelves (Along with Emergence, which came in a few weeks ago) smile.gif

I'm still going through Palladium Books newest offering, Rifts Dimensional Book 10: Hades, Pits of Hell.
But I'm really psyched about the book, Heroes of the Megaverse, but that's not due for a while. My real name will be in it. biggrin.gif:D:D:D
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