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Full Version: Macho Women Shadowrunners
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This is as politically incorrect as it gets folks. Scantily clad cybered up women shooting up the mean streets of Seattle. Life after the Dang is definately a Woman's world. With 75% of the male population dead or hopelessly infected with Westheimer strain of HMVV, men are at a premium, both a treasure prize and valuable commodity. Competiton is fierce, and the women are proving they are as capable as the men with it comes to violence and savagery.

The Dang has taken a different form and wasn't all that long ago. In fact it has been only a week since VITAS three has reared it's ugly head. (Un)Fortunately it seems the virus only attacks the Y chromosome, leaving women completely unharmed. Within hours ten percent of male population is infected, doomed to die terrible deaths. Governments and corporations have put a freeze on travel hoping to stop the outbreak before it explodes.

You are stuck in the podunk town of Ruthsville on the UCAS-NAN border north of Denver. You've been hired by Ares for this gig and the money was good. Plus you are working with some big name peole. So what if you're just a model for the new summer catalog? You are getting to play with some truly nice ware, even if you had to wear a thong to get near it.

Macho Women Shadowrunners

Note: I already have a Decker and a Rigger, other types are needed especially Magic. Only two men are allowed in the game total, I already have one, all other character must be female. Also this is an adult game with very adult themes, so you must be 18 or older. Finally the game is Third Edition
I am surprised by the slight apathy. Two adventurous people have looked into the game, but that seems to be it. I would think some people would hve some questions.
I don't really think there's a whole lot of questions. I mean, the description pretty much covers everything. biggrin.gif
You still looking for players?
Kyoto Kid
...and where (in RL) do the sessions take place?
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