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QUOTE (kzt)
QUOTE (Aaron @ Oct 16 2007, 04:34 PM)
One thing I do to prevent the trench thing is to steal a page from my infantry leadership training and have an element try to move into a more advantageous position while the rest of the bad guys keep the team pinned. In theory, when both sides are trying this, combat can turn into a bit of a chess match.

You have fights last long enough for this to matter?

Yes, when everybody has cover. When the bad guys are milling around in the middle of a street, then yeah, it's pretty brief. Add cover into the equation, though, and things tend to last longer.
Perhaps it's only annoying me since I, the GM, am the only one at the table with military training. biggrin.gif

Things got better previous game, I am running a second game tonight (with a firefight in the classical scrapyard-- lots of nooks & crannies) and am confident they learned their lesson.
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