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Full Version: New Board Features
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I'm posting a sticky here and will create/update posts (1 per) for new features on the board. If you wish to discuss those features, please create a new topic for each one. I will keep this thread closed to keep it small.

To add an avatar to your profile, click on 'My Controls' (near the upper right of the screen).
In the Control Panel, screen down to "Edit Avatar Settings" (near the bottom right)
Look for the drop list near "Choose an avatar from one of our galleries", select a gallery and click "Go"
Repeat the previous step until you locate an avatar you like, then click the radio button below the avatar.
Click "Use Selected Avatar" near the bottom of the screen.

This allows you to quote multiple, previous posts at once in your post.
As you scroll down the page, click "Multiquote" for each post you want to quote.
Note: At this time, there is no visible sign that you clicked on multiquote
When you have selected all the posts you want to quote, click on "Add Reply" from the top or bottom of the page. Your selected posts will now be quoted.
E-Mail Notification of Replies

This version of the board software has a few different settings.
First, in My Controls click on EMail Settings (Left menu towards the bottom)
The last option is Enable 'Email Notification' by default? This will set the default option for email notifications when you select Enable email notification of replies? when you reply to a topic.

This creates a Subscription for you to that topic. You can manage those subscriptions in My Controls under Subscriptions. You can subscribe to individual topics or entire forums.

Delayed Email Notifications does not appear to be working consistently.
Immediate Email Notifications seems to be working fine.
Custom Titles

Titles are set by default based upon the number posts made by the user. Users with 2,500 posts have the ability to set a custom title in My Controls.
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