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Cool Mirage
Experienced, serious roleplayer (meaning one of those crazy types ya) looking to join an SR game online, or if anyone is reading this in Lethbridge Alberta, might be interested in a game here.
I'm running an SR3 game Thursdays at 8:30 PM EST (EDT during the summer). The only caveat is that it could be going on hiatus at the end of the month, as I'm doing a semester abroad and I need to get my course schedule to be able to find out whether I can continue holding games without a time conflict.

Cool Mirage
SR3 is a bit intimidating and confusing to me, SR4 is a breeze though, but I do have a bunch of stuff left from the SR3 years. If you don't mind walking me through a bit of the rules processes at first in exchange for someone who can spin a good story or an interesting, compelling character then this could work. Don't need to tell me about schedules, I'm in the same boat myself, and will have to see how things go. Your scheduling issue doesn't bother me either, I mean, what can hurt by getting involved and seeing how things go? If things don't work out, well, fate is fate. Maybe if you play online over irc with a few people meeting a few more connections for online games won't hurt either.

We actually use AIM, substantially for legacy reasons (ok, that and I dislike IRC for reasons that originated far enough back that they may not be entirely rational anymore but they still exist); I've been working on a home-grown chatserver/client combo (which currently uses its own protocol but is planned to eventually use XMPP/Jabber), but Real Life™ makes that extremely slow going. We can definitely handle bringing you up to speed on rules.

So anyway, if you're up for it our boards are at the forums, we're using point-build with 128 build points (I mean, I'm not going to stop you if you want to use priority, though I'm not sure why you would), and all SR3 books except for SotA:2064, Shadows of Asia, Shadows of Europe, Loose Alliances, System Failure, and Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book.

We do have a relatively small list of houserules which stem from the SR3R Project (the bits that can be introduced into a live game as-is), which I'll give a more thorough listing of when I have time—the important ones are:

We've combined large numbers of the Operational Utilities, greatly reducing the number of programs needed for decking.

Shotguns have no choke, shot does not hit multiple targets, and shot gives a flat -1 to to-hit TN (the stacking for which I don't remember offhand). Power decreases as it would if the shotgun were at maximum choke under the original rules.

The Rifles and Assault Rifles skills are merged into a single Rifles skill.

Most of the "weird" combat skills, like Bracer or Gun Cane, have been merged into a preexisting weapon skill. I can give you the list if you want it.

The Essence cost for cyberlimbs is halved, and their nuyen cost is divided by 5. This also applies to Speed and Strength enhancements for cyberlimbs, though not to other cyberlimb accessories.

My AIM SN is vernjonal (though I'm not always on or available when I'm visible as on and available, if you're trying to get in touch with me). If and when you've registered on the SotSW boards, I'll be giving you a private subforum for your character sheet and any notes you wish, as well as anything done in game not during sessions (routine legwork, karma awards, and character improvement are often done via board).

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Cool Mirage
Ok, will try to contact you by aim from now on for questions, I'm registered now on your forums , so I hope to speak with you soonish
Awesome. I'll be on tomorrow evening, and you can also contact me via my username here (kagetenshi) at kanshishakage dot net.

Your private forum is set up, let me know if there's any trouble accessing it. Sleeptime now.

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