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Full Version: Determining crushing damage values
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Insomnia Strikes Again
I'm running a campaign where the players have been hired for wetwork that looks like an accident. One of the brainstorming ideas they have thrown out was to have a large sculpture fall on the target. As I started thinking about it (and looking through the books and this forum) I realized I have no idea how to calculate the damage a falling object does. Does any one have any rules or ideas for this?

two factors here: mass and velocity. use mass to find the body of the object dropped, and then do a crash test. once it hits him, consider if the shape will trap him under its weight. if it does, and is heavier than his strength can lift, have it do STUN damage to him until he gets out from under that weight. he probably wont die unless his torso or head is crushed though

Insomnia Strikes Again
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