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Full Version: Wireless Repeaters
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Eyeless Blond
Now, there are a number of ways to implant wireless tech in everything, but there are no rules for a simple, stationary wireless router.

What would you put the cost/availability of something simple like that? Preferably hook it up to a solar array so it can be an off-grid extension to the, er, Grid. smile.gif
i wouldn't worry about power... pretty much everything in SR4 is powered by handwavium anyways smile.gif

(well... everything except weapons and vehicles, i guess...)

in any case, in arsenal there is a vehicle mod called a retrans unit that does exactly what you want. it costs 4k and is availability 12, and has a signal rating of 6.

dunno if you'd need anything more fancy than just a regular commlink for the amount of traffic in the barrens though...
Heath Robinson
Almost anything is going to be a houserule, I think. Though, you can get a Response 1, System 1, Firewall 1, Signal 6 commlink for about 3,300, call it 200 for the solar pannel to keep the thing charged and it's 3.5k per unit. Wireless tech should be capable of forming ad-hoc networks, so this is all fine though your GM might restrict your response by the response of your weakest link, which case you get a Fairlight Caliban with the Navi OS for Response 4, Signal 5, System 4, Firewall 3 at 9.7k when you include the arbritrary cost of 200 for the solar pannel, 9.5k if you just don't care about that.
I was under the impression that most devices already acted as repeaters.
I just say the price is for the signal. In our group, we pretty much route through anything. The Hacker/Rigger often uses her spy drones as a router since they have a good firewall/encryption and doesn't immediately point out her own location. Seriously though, anything with a device rating and signal can be piggybacked through.
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