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Full Version: Modularity and Grade
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Ok looking at working on adding a cyberware section to my character sheets... But how is modularity handled in regards to essense? Basically what is the price of a "Modular Plug" is what I'm looking for.

Or is assumed that you have to buy a full limb to make it modular? Basically if I want Kid-Stealth (Raptor Legs), do I need to buy 2 Lower Legs as modular (2 * 12,000 * 1.1 = 26,400 nuyen.gif ) and then buy my Raptor Legs (another 25,000 nuyen.gif )

Now lets go higher grade, I want Delta Grade Lower Legs (.45 ess instead of .9 ess) brings it to 264,000 nuyen.gif. Now do I need to get Delta Grade Raptor Legs (250,000 nuyen.gif ) as well, or are they still plug and play for anything?

So how can you seperate the Modular Plug from the Cyberlimb? And then do the plug-ins need to be at least that grade or higher? If they have to be that grade or higher, then they're not really "Universal Plug-Ins". But if they are Universal then once I pay for one Modular Deltagrade Hand (66,000 nuyen.gif) I can get any cyberhand I want as standard grade and only suffer the .125 Essense loss.

EDIT: Rereading, and coming up with something different now...

To have modular Lower Legs, you need to have Full leg replacement with Modular Cyberlimb modification... So, this comes to (2 * 20,000 * 1.1 = 44,000 nuyen.gif), then you can get the Raptor Cyberlegs for 25,000 nuyen.gif ....
Total Cost: 69,000 nuyen.gif and 2 Essense.
And since you are paying for more limb then you can modularize... Then there's really no issue (Unless you full cyber up, and Modularize your torso biggrin.gif)

So now to save me essense and Nuyen, I need to talk my GM into letting me just get Raptor Cyberlegs as a Lower Leg Replacement (no modular)...
let's keep it simple and say you want one whole arm in delta . .and now you make it modular below your ellbow . . you can mix and match alpha and beta and standard grade ware with your delta-shoulder/upper arm and you will still only lose the essence of an delta arm and not more if you attach a standard something to your delta-stump, because it's in the connection where the essence is lost, not in the actual material . .
just like if you're buying a used standard upperarm/shoulder and mount the rest in delta you don't lose less essence . .

i hope i understood your question correctly and answered understandable enough @.q
While in previous editions, Deltaware was Delta not because of the hookup to your body, but because every other aspect of the ware was like your body. The weigh, proportion to previous length, and some even had some of your cells built into the arm. Either way, in previous editions, I would probably say that all implants, and all modular add ons have to be off the same grade as the base arm.

However, this is just too complicated. SR4 is much more streamlined about this, so just go to town.
ah, yes, there WAS something about delta-eyes for example not accepting standard or beta enhancements . .
I'm actually a little bit uncertain how modular legs work. The leg itself has 20 capacity, but the Raptor plugin has 10. Does that mean your leg, with Raptor plugin attached, has 10 capacity for the leg and 10 for the Raptors? Or does it replace the whole leg with the 10 capacity Raptor legs?

If the latter is true, that makes Raptor legs pretty lame for what they do -- sure, they make you run faster, and better at gymnastics, but with their starting avail 12 you can't customize them in chargen, so they will be pretty lame.

Though if the former is true, you could customize your regular legs, and then hook on some non-customized Raptor legs. But that begs another question: what happens if you have, say, agility 6 legs, but agility 3 Raptor plugins? The book says you only use the attributes of a partial limb for tests directly involving that limb IIRC. But it seems a bit implausible that if only the upper half of your leg had agility 6, you'd get the benefits of agility 6 when doing something that involves both the upper and lower leg, i.e. gymnastics.
urk, brain hurt, limbs still complicated it seems @.@
Overly complicated. Make a call and run with it.
I'd say limbs have grades, modular plug-ins (including the Kid Stealth legs... durr, Raptor legs) don't have grades.

Honestly, I can't imagine what you'd do to a nailgun that'd make it less foreign to your body, when it's attached via the end of a universal socket to your arm. Given that, I don't see any reason to make it 2/4/10 times more expensive than it already is, when, again, it's being attached to a socket you usually have a hand clipped on to.
So the thing with the grades of cyberware is that the better they grade, the easier it meshes with your body (less essence cost), but in previous editions and versions, the higher grade stuff was also regarded as significantly more streamlined, it functioned better and generally was great all the way around. That said, it would be odd to have an ultra-high end modular cyberlimb system be compatibile with second-rate trash. Chances are the appropriate hookups, clamps, valves or whatever just wouldn't mesh because it's designed at a different level, and thus not everything would be where it needed to be.
Er ... once you've bought the limb, aren't you just filling it with Capacity at that point? I mean, cyberlimbs aren't allowed to take augmentations that cost Essence and not Capacity.
I don't have aug, but doesn't the BBB say grade of items fitted in limbs with capacity has to match grade of the limb? Not sure if this is carried over. So you could say grade of items has to be minimum of the universal thingie's grade. This would stop them being a cheap way of reducing essence cost while still getting all the toys you want.
More for the sake of balance really.
I don't think these need grades. The reason is you're going to be buying the next largest limb at the delta grade. So for a lower arm/leg modular component, you'll have to buy a full limb at 1.1 * the price. Out of this only the lower arm is actually modular, so you're only able to swap out the bottom half worth of capacity.

Likewise, if you want a foot/hand, you'll have to get the lower arm/leg modular modified, and then you can only swap around the hand.

You're paying for more modular, than you're actually going to be able to swap around.
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