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Full Version: Anyone wanna swap?
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I have a spare Rigger 2 sitting in my room doing SFA and no players i wanna give it to atm, anyone have 2 of something else they wouldnt mind doing a swap for, if you have anything good 1st or 3rd ed i could extend a bit of cash to make the deal fairer, but not alot.

P.s i have most 2nd ed books.
Dim Sum
Hehe, Thunderchild, that's funny. I have a spare Rigger 3 (I bought one and the other was given to me by a friend who didn't realise I had bought a copy). biggrin.gif

Mostly, it just comes out during games as an extra copy for the group's use.
I'd do it, but I have R2 already.

Plus, I like all of my books. They're nifty. biggrin.gif
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