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Full Version: WAIT, WTF? [may transcrpit question]
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Tycho litte rulequestion: Is it right, that I get a Damage Resistence Test (without Armor), if I get hit by a direct combat spell and fail the Spell
Resistence Test?
Bobby Derie Yes, that is correct.

UH< what? When SR4 first launched, I questioned damage resisting spells.

this thread:

I got a lot of stuff wrong, and this forum helped me greatly in understanding the SR4 system.

Glyph told me:

But the target only gets that one resistance roll - he doesn't roll to resist, then get another roll to soak. The target still only gets one roll!

This contradicts this totally! Did I miss something? Do you now get to roll to resist, then roll to soak? Where is this errata at? What page in what book was this changed? Of course I am only talking about direct spells, as indirect spells, you always got a dodge, then a soak, direct spells, you got a resist, then you got dead.
Ancient History
It was a mistaken answer based on a misundertsood question. It's been addressed in the other May Chat threads, of which there were a couple.
very well then, my search-fu is much weak sensei smile.gif Thanks for the quick response.

Mods, lock this one, or just delete it please.
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