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Full Version: Desert Wars
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What is the status of the Desert Wars in the 2070's? (does that question even make sense?)

Who were the major participants? What was the cause?

I want to know more stuff about this if you can help me...

Thank you

Edit: just find that:

Now I have another question... Is it possible that some civilian got badly maimed / disfigured when he was a kid and held a grudge against one AAA?

That would be a nice plot I think...
I think your answer can be found in Target: Wastelands, and mostly here.
the desert wars is basically just a big wargames between everyone who has an army to spare (sponsored by corporations who produce military equipment, of course).

basically, it's just a whole bunch of battles set up between different teams to show off the latest in military toys. they then film these battles and turn it into a TV* show (technically not TV, but basically that's what it is).
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And a bit here, too.
Desert Wars: Equal parts Gulf War (1 & 2) and Reality Television Game Show. With maybe a hint of Hunter S. Thompson's coverage of the Mint 400 Race thrown in for spice.
Wesley Street
What else does one do with a desert but have a war in it? Duh! nyahnyah.gif
Radwars are supposed to start soon in the SOX too.
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