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Ok got a question for ya, In a missions game, I have a char that owns/has two shops, a drone shop and a automotive shop, Now other then repair work on the teams van with out the dealership machanic asking about the blood stains on the front bummper and the bullet holes um, What are the general advanages to the shops? is it cheaper/easyer to get parts and then mod the items your self if you have the skills/softs? just wondering off the top of my head,

A shop is something that you use to satisfy the mechanical rules for build/repair tests including modifications. It's not a business. It's more like having a well-equipped garage.
in fact kit are ; one tool boxe of appropriate trade ... exemple a mechanic tool box is different than a computor technitian
shop = a tool box that you CAN'T carry around ... like those found in the garage of a mechanic
and for the facility.. let's say it's the garage it self .. the lifting jacks, the tire machine, the crane you use to get the engine ouside the car to work
you can not carry a facility easily ... you nead many trucs to move it out to a more secure place.

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