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Ok so the underlying system can give you cancer and the setting is Tolkien.

But if you've been playing shadowrun long enough you probably know that GM and know those players. Personally I find it hilarious and think maybe it could induce some useful introspection.

That is pretty funny stuff, i have been reading slowly trought that for the last two months.
I lol'd
It's a shame that the comic had to end. Shaimus went on to start another project, but it was pretty terrible. However, I've been enjoying Darth and Droids, inspired by DM of the Rings. Not quite as good, but it has its moments.
Darth and Droids

Thanks, both of you.
QUOTE (Ryu @ Sep 19 2008, 05:10 PM) *
Darth and Droids

Thanks, both of you.

I love that comic. Tons of fun.
So I went and read the whole thing in a marathon webcomic session, and I've got to say, that's pretty much every group I ever gamed with.
Yeah, I read it all at once a while back too, then went to Fear The Boot until the all-text parts--good stuff. I can see what people mean about those kinds of players/GM's. The group I play with is slightly better, despite what people seem to think every time I post our exploits here.

We're currently robbing the SK Bank in Hong Kong, by the way. smokin.gif
Both comics are really good. DM of the Rings is great to watch as the GM tries to force the plot on the players no matter what. Darth and Droids is fun for the opposite reason, watching as the players change and derail the plot at every turn, and watching how the compleltely irrational shit the players do explain some of the irrational shit Lucas put in the movie smile.gif

(I will note, I like Episode 1. Quite a bit. It's nowhere close to the original Trilogy, but I do like it. But I admit, it has some flaws and logic holes.)


PS, Moving this to the Gen Gaming board, since it's not really SR related.
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