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Full Version: Hacking a PAN
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I apologize beforehand if this seems like a noob question, but I was curious if it was possible to hack into a PAN that is in hidden status. What about a PAN that is Hidden and has an Encrypt and a Databomb? The book doesn't really say much about it only that in Hidden mode no one can see it unless you call them or they have your access code. so by todays standards I can only assumes its like WEP encryption with the Hide SSID turned on.

The first step is finding the hidden node. See p. 225 SR4 Detecting Wireless Nodes.

Electronic Warfare + Scan (4) test is probably what you can assume in this case if you can see the target and scan that specific target for a hidden PAN.

Looking for hidden nodes randomly is much tougher.
if i remeber correctly you can find them with electronic warfare and the scan prog then if you find it its just like normal hacking and if they have encript then you decrypt it or what ever you need to do .... then it goes boomb from the databomb if you mess up then right not phisically mind you smile.gif

EDIT Dire Radiant beet me to it
You can use the scan program to find hidden nodes, and once you have found them you can hack them just like anything else. It's just difficult and time consuming if you don't know what node you are looking for.

Encrypt and data bomb don't prevent you from hacking into a node, but they can protect files and objects inside of the node.

EDIT: Seems I'm number three
hidden SSID may be correct. even tho you know its there, you have to go look for it within the local cloud of radio traffic, it just is easier to do then looking for a hidden node blindly...

encrypt dont add much to that, but it adds another layer to get thru before access is gained.

and databomb is kinda like tripwiring the door alongside locking it.

so maybe one can go like this:

hidden mode: door is camouflaged to look like the rest of the wall.

encryption: door have a extra, more complex, lock added on top of the one every door comes with.

databomb: the door is trapped, so that going in without first disconnecting the detonator will trigger some explosive or weapon aimed at the door.
I think I understand now, thanks for the replies smile.gif

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