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I think a real problem with producing a Shadowrun epic movie/series/animation/whatever would be the alternate time line that has developed because of the '80s-centric design of the game. While Shadowrun has portrayed a future that is remarkably believable based on technological and political trends of the '80s, there is no arguing that real life technology and politics have gone in directions that the developers didn't, and maybe couldn't, predict.

The introduction of wireless AR/VR into everyday life is obviously an attempt to catch up to present day developments, and well done I say. The introduction of genetech/nanotech is similar. How one could maintain the story of a Japanese world hegemony in this day of Chinese and Indian ascension is something else. I wouldn't mind seeing a Shadowrun visual piece that adapts to current world conditions, but I bet there are many purists who would complain.

Alternate worlds and timelines are a tradition in film and literature, and some have succeeded. But Shadowrun is so closely tied to trends we have lived through, that the 'In a world not so different from our own' ploy would lose a great deal of the atttraction of Shadowrun. It is supposed to be a world we could/might/will end up in. It has to be believable if it is to sell. And the bottom line is... the bottom line for mass entertainment.

All I can think of is that would either look like Babylon 01, Gene Generation, or Blade Runner. Unfortunately they have all been done and some with better success than others.

Shadowrun I have to say is a compromise world and it does not work the same way as a stark contrast world. The whole concept would have to be condensed down to one simple sentence. And then the whole movie has to support that one concept. "A fantasy world in the near future" has no direction and will create a crap movie.

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