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Full Version: Base Characters?
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I've heard that the base characters in the BBB don't follow the rules that it presents. Has anyone made up a list that fixes all the archetypes and makes them abide by the rules?

there was a thread around these parts somewhere.
i'm sure someone will be able to find it again.
i know my forum search sucks <.< . .

like this?
and maybe more like this=?
Dr Funfrock
I think most of it got fixed in the Errata. If you have a recent printing, you're probably fine.

As a random side-note, whilst the redesigns in that thread certainly make all of the builds much more effective, if you're just looking for a quick tweak, go through and replace Reaction Enhancers with Wired 1 for every character that has them. It's not hard to find the extra 1,000 nuyen needed, and the extra pass makes a bunch of the builds go from naff to completely usable.
Personally, I feel that most of the builds that get thrown around on dumpshock are heavily overworked anyway. Sure, some of the designs in the archetypes are just plain bad at what they're supposed to do for a job, but on the whole I tend to expect people to build their SR characters at about the same level of effectiveness. It's amazing how much your players actually start roleplaying once you take the emphasis away from making the most godlike character possible (which basically involves the GM adjusting the level of opposition to match what the characters are capable of. If you don't hammer your players with over-powered enemies all the time, they won't feel the need to escalate in some stupid-ass arms race by building the ultimate killing machines and ignoring any character option that doesn't make them more effective).
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