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Full Version: Rotten Apple Manhattan
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I've been looking online for additional Shadowrun books and I've come across one called Rotten Apple Manhattan. Unfortunately I can't find a description listed in any of the Wiki's. What is it? A sourcebook, an adventure? Any one out there own this? Should I get it?
It is a sourcebook, detailing Manhattan - the various neighbourhood, it's history, the members of the ruling MDC, it's security, etc. It just came out. It's 3.95$ of awesomeness and you should get it.
Nice. Thanks for the tip.
It's also worth noting that it's a PDF exclusive, available from (the Catalyst Web Store) and from (Direct link to Manhattan in my .sig).
And only around 4 bucks.
QUOTE (Cardul @ Apr 8 2009, 06:39 PM) *
And only around 4 bucks.

Yeah, Baby! Yeah!

Sounds interesting. How is it?
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