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Full Version: Dragon*Con 2009 and GMing
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While the preliminaries are mostly covered, and its less than a month out, we do have some room/need for a couple of backup/part time GMs. Can't promise you a badge for the whole weekend unless you work 20hrs, but I can lend you one for a day to come GM a few games for us if you are interested, or would like to be a Lackey and do things like make copies if they are needed, run to the food court and get drinks for GMs, etc. If you are interested, email me at at gmail dot com with the subject 'DC GMing', or post up here smile.gif
I am interested in assisting as I won't be playing this year. I would be more than happy to assist a GM or two though.

You can contact me at or PM me here.

Looking forward to a great time.
Great, we can always use the help! Sent you an email with further information smile.gif
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