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Full Version: ROUNDCON 2009
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Sorry for the late post!! Thought something would have been up befoer now!!

This week coming up, Oct 2- Oct 4, Roundcon 2009 in Columbia, SC

the website:

Warhorn: it has the missions listed we are trying to help people finish up so they can move on to NY with a full bill.

Hope you can stop by...
if not, please keep your eyes on the website as the ConCom is planning RoundCon 2010 to be end of Jan/ beginning of Feb

all are welcomed

Wow, I lived in Columbia untila few years ago, was even a member of the Round Table gaming group based out of USC. Didn't realize anyone else from around there was on DS.
yeah, roundcon has moved away from USC and doing ok

did you know sean & his wife?? they are the hub of the ConCom, keeping everything going

as i will be running several shadowrun missions, Denver, i'll try to a summary of the fun
and, yeah, the Con almost didn't happen
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