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Full Version: Finding images for Maptool tokens?
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So I'm setting up Maptool for the campaign I'll be GMing, and having trouble finding images of common things such as Bulldogs and DocWagon SRTs. Are there any decent sources online for these? I'm amazed some of these don't have pictures in the books.
I usually just find something similar - I'm using a FedEx truck for my GMC Hermes. Drones are trickier; I wound up firing up Spore and using the spaceship design tool to make myself some rotordrones. That said, a quick Google Image Search for Riot Control Vehicle will get you all kinds of nifty-looking rides.
Oh, that GIS is excellent. I did find a decent render of a Bulldog after I posted... now I need a DocWagon ambulance. Maybe a riot vehicle will work...

Thanks smile.gif
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