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Full Version: Need Help with a Technomancer
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Making a TM is hard enough, but making one with 300 BP and Skill rating limits at 3 and Resonance at 3 seems to be quite difficult.

The concept is a fairly unaware Technomancer, a regular joe if you will, who Emerges during the TM scare. Great timing huh? He discovers a will to survive, but he's mostly ignorant of what a Technomancer is.

I'm thinking of an Enemy negative quality. There are some who hunt TMs right? Or maybe just some people he cheesed off as he ran away.

Help on Complex Forms (with a Resonance limit of 3 at chargen) would be appreciated. I expect to Thread constantly. I imagine him to be a Machine Sprite compiler, so 3 (+2) in Compiling (Machine Sprites). Is Registering worth it?

Less focus on cybercombat, but the Cracking skill group seems like a bargain.

Also, is it necessary to follow a Stream? Seems unnecessarily limiting to have only a few sprites.
Much like a mage needs to choose a tradition, a technomancer does need to choose a stream - even if its the big book standard one(pretty sure unwired classifies them as cyberadepts). Your stream also determines how you deal with Drain, which can make a significatn impact e on how you build your character, and what they're capable of. A dronomancer, for example, will have a high Intuition, and thus a high initiative, while a sourceror will have a really high logic, thus more starting complex forms and having a bigger dice pool for logic-linked skill tests, such as software, which is used for threading.

Consider some light augmentation. Maybe your character had some before he emerged.

Look at the Paragons in unwired. Some can definitely help with compiling, or hacking in general - for a price.

Analytical mind quality from Runner's Companion is pretty ace. Codeslinger: matrix attack is also a decent buy, and here's why: Sure, its ten points. Yeah, its about the same benefit as cybercombat for two points more. However, you only roll cybercombat for matrix attack(much like data search is ONLY for data searching), and that action uses any attack program for the same action. So that +2 applies to ANY attackware you care to thread - attack, blackhammer, nuke, blackout. The two extra points are worth it, IF you're not using skillgroups, because you can get hacking and ew specialties.

Cracking skillgroup 3: 30bp.
Hacking 3 (exploit +2)
EW 3(scan, maybe decrypt +2)
cybercombat 1
Codeslinger: matrix attack.
=42 bp
So you're as good at cyberfragging people as before - but you drop ten dice on hacking into things. 3 from the skill, 2 from the specialty(which applies to probing OR hacking on the fly, whereas codeslinger for hacking would be one only), 3 from your complex form(before threading) and two for the hot sim TM's get for free. Not too shabby

Complex forms:
You want exploit. You need analyze. Stealth is critical to not being detected. If you have access to unwired, shield is always nice. Edit can always come in handy - never know when you need to change information. Scan lets you find stuff TO hack. ECCM prevents you from getting dumpshocked randomly whenever some asshat points a jammer your way. Spoof deserves an honorable mention, because its a useful alternative to hacking your way in, but, sadly, often requires a Trace or a Sniffer to work.
If you've a spare point or two, smartlink from unwired might be useful - or, if your Gm allows it, a Tacsoft complex form.

Your inherent signal is going to be -crap- with a resonance of 3 to start. Consider picking up a decker-type commlink to use until you get going.

Do you have any limits on Availablity, starting gear ratings, or Cash? Hope this helped.
Thanks, that's a great load of help!

I'm afraid I've skimmed over the Matrix for the better part of my Shadowrun career. I know the basics (keep analyze running, Stealth as high as you can, etc.) but that's it.

Availability and Gear ratings are at 6, unless there's a good reason. Cash is 50 BP but that's a bigger chunk of the 300 of course.

I was thinking of bypassing Cybercombat altogether. I do have access to Unwired, and I like the Streams there. But my concept was a "Spriteomancer" of sorts, less cyber-fighter and more of "the matrix does this for me if I think real hard". Hacking, EW, Compiling and Registering at 3 with Specs.

Can Software be specced for Threading? wink.gif

Yeah the Signal is low. But Codeslinger seems nifty, I had overlooked it. Since Compile Sprite is a Matrix action would that count?
Cybercombat can be very useful in softening up a node or a user - wound penalties on the matrix condition indicator still apply, making their dice pools smaller to oppose you doing stuff if you can get the first shot in. One level so you're actually capable of it if you need it is okay. I don't believe you can default on it, but I don't remember exactly.

Software -can- be specced for threading. If you're going that route, you should spec Computer as well. Analyze is nice, but TM's get +2 to matrix perception tests automatically, so you kind of get it for free. Trace is another useful spec - more dice in opposed tests are always good.

Since you have unwired, take a look at Program Options. As a technomancer, you can thread those on the fly, or even get them as part of complex forms for a few BP/karma.

Hm. Nice find on codeslinging sprites. I hadn't considered that before, and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Note that you may have different specialties on Compiling and Registering.

If you are going to be a sprite wrangler, you are going to need to register sprites, since you may only have one unregistered sprite at a time. On the upside, its free. Consider the 01 paragon - it kind of makes sense for a new TM to find a mentor of sorts in the resonance. You get +1 on compiling and registering, but pay double edge to downgrade glitches.
I think you should also look at Analytical Mind if just for the +2 bonus to Software Tests, that can go a long way with such a limtied number of BP and it is only 5BP to purchase. I think it is a better buy for a TM than codeslinger but it would be great to have both.
Ahh I had ignored 01. Alias was my choice, I was gonna spoof my lifestyle anyway and I liked that aspect.

Cool thanks for the Software tip. I have 6 dice to throw on Analyze, +2 from being a TM. Maybe 10 is too much? Trace sounds good.

Threading program options eh? I'll have to look that up.


And yes, I have Analytical Mind and Codeslinger (Compile Sprites) as well as Paragon and First Impression (in case I have to bluff, hey I should only have to do it once).
If you're playing up the social hacker aspect a bit, try to get an Empathy sensor soft(arsenal) maybe Lie Detection, and possibly the new Simrig complex form in unwired.

One thing I've been wondering. Lets say a TM has simrig(to export sensory feeds) into a Tactical AR software(threaded or cf). How many sensor channels does he/she contribute without additional gear? Vision, audio, taste, smell, touch. I'd assume a metatype with thermal or low-light vision could count that. Does e-sensing count, if you snag the echo? Sound about right?
You know, I didn't think about that! Some Empathy Soft would do wonders for his in-meat dealings.

A Social Mancer? Threading "Empathy" would be cool. And it may even work if it's a trid call... I just need a mini-trideo camera. I know this is up to the GM, but this'd be really cool. And threadable, again if the GM allowed it. Would the -2 penalty count in this case because Empathy deals with social tests after all.

01 seems the better bet, thanks.

No clue about Simrig. But those with thermal or lowlight count as having those sensor channels. It's not that difficult to plop them into minor sensors and drones (especially since you'll need at least 2 extra sources to generate one bonus from a Tacsoft). Don't know about e-sensing.
Also, you should really choose a stream before statting too much else. There are some nice charisma based ones, too, that are worth looking into. Since they govern which sprites you have access too, its kind of important to your character concept. Sure, you want to be a sprite master...but now which ones do you want?

Sprites in general are useful for sustaining threading and assisting operation, but they powers they have access too are often unavailable elsewhere.
I think I'm good with Dronomancer. I like the selection of Crack, Data, Fault, Machine and Tutor. But I'm still trying to get used to them all. Seems like everything I wanna do with the Matrix those five can deliver. Also Dronomancer works well, especially with 01.

I know it's not Charisma, but I'm only limiting that to 3 at the start. Forcing myself to use a Human this time around.

I'll post a summary soon. I'm looking at the gear right now, I'm getting him a Horseman with the Drone attachment, seems too cool to pass up. Will be spoofing a Lifestyle too.

I'm thinking of fitting it with a Valkyrie Module, to keep watch over the TM while he's out there. Also getting Heavy Armour Clothing with Massaging Liners.
Here's a rough of my Technomancer, at 310 BP.

Race: Human
Special: Technomancer
Points: 310 BP

Body: 2
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3
Edge: 2
Resonance: 3

Initiative: 7
IP: 1
Essence: 6.0

Analytical Mind (+2 Logic tests involving puzzle solve/pattern recognition, +2 Data Search and Software)
Codeslinger (+2 Compile Sprite)
Paragon (01: +1 Compile and Register Sprites, Double Edge to remove Glitches)
First Impression (+2 to first Social meeting)
Technomancer (Dronomancer: Res + Int, thinking of calling him a Sprite-something.)

SINner (Standard)
In Debt (10,000)
Records on File (Identified as a TM)
Big Regret (Lots of small, bad things in order to survive)
Enemy 1 (As a known TM there is some prejudice against him, especially the gun-toting kind. He has pissed off a small group.)

Influence Group 1
Electronics Group 3
(Computer (Trace) +2, Software (Threading) +2)

Dodge 2
Perception 2

Hacking (Exploit) 3 (+2)
Electronic Warfare (Encryption) 2 (+2)
Compiling (Machine Sprites) 3 (+2)
Registering (Machine Sprites) 3 (+2)

Pistols (Semi-Automatic) 1 (+2)

Complex Forms

Analyze 3
Scan 3
Exploit 3
Sniffer 3
Spoof 3
Stealth 3

Form-Fitting Body Armour Full Body Suit (6/2)
Secure-Tech Vitals Protector (+1, +1)

Globetrotter Heavy Armour Clothing with Massaging Liners (4/2)

Colt Government 2066
Personalized Grip, Smartgun External, Skinlink, Thermal Suppressor
Silencer Accessory
5 Clips Stick-n-Shock

Ares Viper Silvergun
Additional Clip (Pistol) 23c x 2, Firing Selection Change (FA), Smartgun External, Skinlink, Thermal Suppressor
6 Clips Flechette

Vehicles and Drones

Dodge Scoot

Daiatsu-Caterpillar Horseman w/ Drone Attachment
Spoof Chip, Morphing License Plates

Micro-Camera (Skinlinked, Empathy Software 3)

MCT-Fly Spy (Chameleon Coating)

GM-Nissan Doberman (Chameleon Coating, Gecko Tips, Ammo Bin Covert Ops 3)
w/ Ares Alpha (Thermal Suppressor, Chameleon Coating, Airburst Link, Sound Suppressor Accessory)
250 Regular Rounds in Ammo Bin

No, the Horseman ain't Cham Coated... Ran out of money. He only has two Drones for now, had more originally but half the fun is acquiring and modifying them. The Machine Sprites can help these suckers out.

I have more things, including contacts and various pieces of eyewear. And yes, I hammered out a backstory too.
I think you are going to want exploit over spoof for a specialty. Spoof only allows one command to be sent if you are wanting to steal drones then you will need to hack their node.

Why buy the Scoot when you already have a vehicle in the Horseman?
Ooh good point about Exploit.

The Scoot's for when he wants to blend in, day to day stuff. The Horseman's more for the runs themselves or when he wants to be less discreet.

Hmm, how to get Electronic Warfare? I missed it.
If you want to modify your drones, you probably want armorer and mechanic, unless you plan to rely on your tutor sprites for that.

Drop your electronics group to 2, snag two levels of EW and a specialty. Not sure if you noticed, but specialties aren't compatable with skillgroups(unless your GM says so) - either you're recording your electronics group oddly in the sheet, or the points don't add up.

If you plan on having your drones modify themselves, a lockheed vulcan isn't a bad buy - since you can pop a sprite in it to do the work, after designing an AR plan for it(you may need the right Design knowledge skill for this), and let it chug on it while you do more important things.
The GM's okay with breaking skill groups at chargen. Just adding the specialties. Yes, I plan on relying on the tutors for backup skills.

Anything in EW I should specialize in?
Encryption would be a good specialization. It would give you bonus dice to to decrypting all those other drone signals you are trying to steal.

Edit: You could always drop First Impresion and one point from contacts to give you a point of EW and the specialization.
Good points. I didn't want to drop Electronics by a point, lowers Software for one which I need for Threading, and the other things which might come in handy.

Actually, I think I'll drop Influence to 1. 4 points normally and 6 the first time around, just about right. Encryption it is!

I tend to prefer Scanning specs for electronic warfare. Those 4 hits needed to Detect Hidden Node can be brutal sometimes if you have bad dice luck, as you can't hack it if you can't find it. However, both scanning and decrypting are actions your sprites can do for you.
Something else:
With that heavy Armor you'll be like a Turtle,
(-3 to REA and DEX If I calculated right) hardly Moving at all !
and what Do you need STR 2 for?
If you're allready handicapped by low Points, you should make the Best out of your Situation and BOD 3 & STR 1 is better for Your Char than BOD 2 & STR 2

he who Dances on Turtles
QUOTE (Medicineman @ Oct 21 2009, 01:50 PM) *
Something else:
With that heavy Armor you'll be like a Turtle, ...

Hopefully he doesn't plan to wear them together. wink.gif

I agree, though, that BOD 3 + STR 1 is the better choice. BOD is kinda vital for survival.

Nope, not wearing it together.

I can get away with the FFBA and the Vitals Protector during runs. The armoured clothing is for when there's a chance he'll be in the matrix for a long time, and needs the massaging liners. Two kinds of "work clothes".

I toyed with Strength 1 but I'm good with 2.
Question: How exactly would I use a Tutor Sprite to help with modifying a Drone?

Compiling it with say Automotive Mechanic and using its Proficiency power. It guides the technomancer through AR while he works on it? I'm a little confused because it says the GM may extend the text required, but this is already an Extended test. My TM can probably summon a Rating 5 Tutor, giving the TM a Skill of 3 with Auto Mechanic.

But then what?
Simply, extended tests may have different time intervals. For example, many armorer tests are extended tests - but represent minutes of work. Changing out sensors on a drone takes an hour per roll per sensor, while you only get to create software once a month.

The GM would probably consult the Build/Repair table for difficulties and times, depending on the work you want to get done - and then increase the test intervals appropriately to reflect a tutor sprite coaching you through the process.

An easier way is to buy it a Renraku Manservant(or similiar cheap humanoid drone with appendages), register the tutor sprite, and just have it do all the work by itself while you go schmooze at a coffeeshop.
edit: it still needs a toolkit or appropriate work area, or its going to suffer dice pool penalties.
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