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Full Version: Milspec Mobility Upgrade
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I can't find any costs associated with Military Grade (Milspec) Armor from Arsenal, page 51. Most of them you can figure have the same costs as other stuff, but there's no costs for Mobility Upgrade. The listed Errata has nothing regarding this. Anyone have any information?
Never mind. I found a chart on page 182.
Dumpshock is glad to have been of help. smile.gif
Obviously I'm beyond help.
Lok1 :)
Quite beyond help indeed, we've tried shock therapy but it hasn't worked yet. Just ignore him till he goes away.
Sounds like a good fix, but what's to be done with the rest of us vagrants? We can't very well ignore all of us... or can we? wobble.gif
We need a methodical approach to ignorance. I would call the odds good...
QUOTE (Ryu @ Mar 15 2010, 08:52 AM) *
We need a methodical approach to ignorance.

I have never heard the British education system so aptly and precisely described.
So so true.
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